The World's First Wooden Satellite Will Launch This Year


Check in with Dr Sky Steven Kates. Hey, Stephen. Hello. There Juries we begin with space. Lots of exciting news here would fill an entire show but with space junk George on the rise and too many dead satellites in low Earth orbit. Get set for the world's first wooden satellite, which is seven months later this year, officially known how, ironically, is called would set these are small nano satellites storage, which mother only four inches on a side. And weigh about £2, Each finished company known as Arctic Astronautics, is the prime contractor on these little gems they're made of birch wood, and they're able to carry out small test type payloads. That is. And when complete. Guess what they burn up completely in the atmosphere. No ground surviving components. Aluminum oxide is sprayed over the electronic area to prevent the release that is of gases into space. A charge on a comedic kind of note. Don't you think we need a large version of like a modern Noah's The space would art so that when he does re enter the Amazon, these things will truly burn up. And thus maybe they're solving on a slow but progressive way. Problem of speech jump,

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