Steps to Help You Create Your First Offer

Build Your Tribe


I wanna talk to you about your introductory offer now. I coined the term baby offer. I dunno like maybe ten years ago. And i think a baby offer is just hopefully a a way to look at the first offer that you make that is less intimidating. Oftentimes you'll hear business mentors and advisers. Tell you like dream bigger. You gotta dream big. You gotta go big. And i think that when we do that sometimes we make mistakes and we go to big and we create something that is more advanced than our lifer is ready for or more expensive than your relationship has the merit to command if that makes sense so in other words if my lifer has just this is the very first podcast you've ever listened to and you're just getting to know me and i tell you i've got this amazing course that teaches. You need to know about business marketing. And it's twenty five hundred dollars. You're not ready for that. We don't have a relationship on that level yet. I need to prove myself to you. You need to invest a much smaller dollar amount. And see that i can deliver and then some and that it works for you and that you trust my way of teaching and that creates a level of trust then allows you to make the next greater investment now. Certainly there are always exceptions to this right. Like if i have some pretty incredible marketing in place and you stumble upon an add your cold viewer or a cold audience. You don't know who i am. You haven't spent any time on my podcast. We haven't spent any time together. And you have a need and we have done an amazing job of targeting those people who already can afford or already at a level where they understand making that type of investment and the return on investment. Yeah that could happen but more often than not businesses about relationships. It's about figuring out if we trust people and how we can work together and we build on that in the way that we build on that is by creating a customer journey.

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