A highlight from Father's Day


Good morning good afternoon. Good evening wherever you find yourself in this entire world. I welcome you. How are you doing my friend. I hope this day finds you well and safe at this time. Each year in many parts of the world. We celebrate father's day for most. This is a joyful day when we get to visit our fathers to recognize all they've done for us as we have grown up as well as during our adult years. We acknowledge all the sacrifices. They've made to make sure we had what we needed. Today's day to gather together and to spend time with our family. If our dad is older now we may be visiting him in a nursing facility. If we were fortunate he taught us how to throw a baseball rider. Bike go to games with us camp together. He shared wisdom in life lessons yet. No doubt there are those of us who didn't have that wonderful relationship with our dads and it's hard to get all warm and fuzzy thinking of him on this day yet when our fathers have already left this earth it can be a day. There is a sense of sadness and loneliness for a man. We can no longer hub. Speak with confide in no one whom we appreciate on this day and if that relationship was strained or perhaps you didn't even know him. This day can be especially difficult. Some will commemorate their first father's day without their dad. Perhaps your father has died and you were raised and loved by another male figure like a stepfather. An article a grandfather or even godfather. These men might have left a considerable mark on your life. They were there to talk to and guide you when things weren't going as expected when you might have been sad and lonely. They listened and gave their advice when you weren't quite sure what road was the better one to go down. I'm sure you have had special times that you remember about your dad and father figures who taught you so much and were there for you during good times and bad we all need father figures in our life whether we have experienced star dad staff or not today on father's day those memories will surface. You might remember past father's day's and the activities you experienced maybe with other members of your family maybe you all gathered together at a relative's home and enjoy a delicious meal or even went fishing or to a ball game or another special time together where you laughed and just had a great time together if you've experienced your father's death especially if yours was wonderfully close relationship then this day can bring you enormous pain. You missed his physical presence. The way he spoke to you the way hug. Ju the sacrifices he made for your benefit how he made you feel so special when out of his way to listen the trips you and your family together and all the caring things he did with you as you were growing up as a girl you might have had t- with him when you were quite young and went to father. Daughter dances and other wonderful events in high school and college. He might have danced with you at your wedding and you miss him terribly. Whether your father had died recently or many years ago father's day can be a difficult day because you recall all the dement to you and what life would be like now. Had he not been taken when he was if he died. When you were an infant child teen or young adult you feel cheated of all the years you could have had with him when your dad dies young. You're too young to remember him. And you perhaps rely on your mother and other relatives to refresh your memories and take out old photos of him if he died. When you were old enough to remember yours is a difficult hurt watching your friends and even cousins being raised in loved by their fathers. But you don't have that luxury. You know how unfair they says yet. You wonder what it would be like if you were in their shoes and had the man who would support teach you as you started to come into your own. If he died when you were just becoming independent you also wonder what would have been like to include him in your college years packing. Your things stuffing the car or truck and driving up to college with them and of course missing him when you graduated from each school grade school high school even college. He was not in that seat. Perhaps next to your mother and how you wished he was. He would have helped. You set up your first department. Cheer you on as you looked for jobs and encouraged you as you started your career. He might not have been there when you got married. Had your first child and subsequent children and watched with excitement because he became a grandfather for the first time and enjoy birthdays and special holidays together. If he died when he was in mid life you never thought he would have been taken so soon. He had so much life to live. And never did you thank. You wouldn't have the ability to see him grow old and then if he did get to grow old and the roles started to reverse. Now you're the one taking care of him and he needed you toward the end of his life and you did your best to ensure he had what he needed yet for. Some there were a whole host of other men who took the role of dad for you. They may not have been your biological father but all along the way they stepped up into the role because you needed them. Most sacrificed a lot to take care of. You nurtured you. Ma chore you were safe fend raised well and today. You're grieving for the stepfather

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