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Welcome to. I said no gifts sad. I'm bridget wine girl. of course. Look you caught me at a bad time. Well i mean there's some good news and some bad news. I had to go to the dentist this morning at eight. Am a few episodes ago. I was talking about the possibility of my permanent retainer being removed and today was the day today. I had it removed. I also had a filling replaced and some. My mouth is very numb. We're thawing out here but there's a chance midway through the podcast that yeah you know. I'm struck by pain. But i just wanted to fill you in some podcasts. People might promise that dental work and then not get the dental work. I follow through. I got the dental work done. I'm now living life without a permanent retainer. A weight has been lifted. We can all come down and it's a good time to calm down because you're about to get excited because our guest is fantastic. She's so funny. Danielle perez danielle. Welcome to vice said no gifts thank you. Thank you for having me. Oh it's a huge. I think for both of us. Let's just say it the retainers it is dental work. That's amazing life post permanent retainer. How is that is that freeing is liberating. Is it everything you imagined it would be. No i'm going to be honest. i i had. Maybe my expectations were a little too high. But i've been waiting literally for twenty years for this thing to be removed. And i think the combination of also having the filling. Replace this morning. The first repealing. I've had replaced in my adult life excruciating. Yes i had no idea. There is a reason. Dentists have a bad route. They had like a vacuum in my mouth for like an hour. If i thought i i was so close to acting out i was like oh this is never going to end. I'm going to have to yank this out of my mouth and leave. I don't care. Just what a process who who would have thought yeah here. We are at soured. The occasion My mouth is still numb on some level. That's fan though it's not out of your mouth is like doesn't know what the other sides do and that sounds like a party. Have you been to the dentist last year. I have i went to the dentist recently. Had a cleaning. But before the the paige i shipped a two. Oh no from like just grinding my teeth when you t m j chipped my tooth and they had to replace it but they made the replacement too high on every time. I chewed it eight. So i just started chewing on the left side of my mouth begin. An uneven phase danielle's extremely toned left side of her face. Oh yeah that's the thing at the dentist every time i'm there like there's a chance whoever's doing this is maybe they're not that good at their job or don't know what they're doing i don't i couldn't tell yeah i just feel like shouldn't you have known that the filling was a little too high left and then couldn't come back for over a year. Oh you were living with it for a full year. Yeah because of the pandemic. that's so unfair. It was really it was cruel. We got it handled. So now i can both sides of my on my mouth than always good in the world congrats huge. Congratulations to both of us. Honestly i mean that that at least gives you something to do during the pandemic something to keep your mind off of everything else. That was going on right. Yeah it's focus on what's what's really going on. I mean are vaccinated. now i am so. Congratulations thank you thank you. How is that feeling. It feels freeing. I got my nails done. Noda's thank you clapping to start. The episode is like wow somebody's been to the nail salon. I have now. I can't do a single thing. I can't tight class bra. I'm useless. I love that for myself. What else has been going on. You know just that scene friends. That's been fun hanging out with friends. The vaccinated crew fire in front of my house. So i'm so jealous. In the pandemic. I was like we. Gotta we gotta make plans to make more in this firepit. No daniel what are you doing. What is have marshmallow fire. That's camping that's for you know leaving the woods it in the woods per a bear for hungry animal. That's not how pinch hits. And that's a static. This is so stressful for me to hear you just have a fireplace within a few feet of your house and all you're doing this warmth and beauty. I'm sorry you need you. Need food swore. I have no other occasion to roast a marshmallow. This is ridiculous. I want you to go out there before. Summer's end and rosta marshmallow. It's the least you can do. I'll do it in your honor. The bridge weinberger memorial marshmallow picture

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