The Story of Allen Carr's 'Easy Way' Method To Quit Smoking

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The easy way to quit. Smoking book started as a quit smoking. Seminar where everyone sat around smoking completely. Smoke-filled won't can in itself folk sewage. Bullshit that's john dicey. He was a heavy smoker as in eighty cigarettes a day when he attended a london seminar in the nineties. The smokers would all sit around in armchairs. Puffing away some conference room you're meant to smoke through the whole thing. A practitioner would be up front telling participants why they didn't actually like smoking and why quitting was no big deal. Every single practitioner has to be an ex smoker themselves cured by the easy way the sessions were meant to be one and done and the whole thing took about five or six hours somehow after all the talking and smoking. You're meant to put out your final cigarette and never take another puff. It's supposed to be easy and for dicey it was. He was so moved by the whole thing. He decided to quit his job. And go to work for alan carr. The man he considered literal lifesaver. Allan died in two thousand six. I wanted to know what kind of guy he was. Who just conjures up a stop. Smoking method essentially out of nowhere and goes on to sell fifty million people on an very tense worth. He was born and brought up in. What was it the time very down at heel area of london. He's scott himself as a straight Allen had zero medical background no psychology or addiction training before the easy way he was an accountant and like dicey a heavy smoker. Who wanted to stop. He saw hypnotherapist who failed to hypnotize him but it was at his appointment that he first heard. Smoking was an addiction something about that realization that he was well and truly addicted to cigarettes. It hits some switch in allen on sale. Crime tape never gonna smoke. The seat of alan carr is easy. Way is simple. It almost sounds too simple. You smoke because you're addicted to smoking and not because you enjoy. Smoking is still a hurdle for swastika out of them because a lot of people think to be addicted to something you have to like it and that simply not the case. The principle of addiction is in it. Messes up your understanding of a pleasure enjoyed allen. Figured if you understood that you could understand that giving up. Smoking wasn't really up anything at all. You didn't quit cigarettes. As gained freedom from them

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