Envisioning Better Social Media Planning Using Planable With Xenia Muntean


What it does plannable. Do what problems does it solve. That you found that is out there. Because i mean i'm used a bunch of these other tools and it was like Really doesn't do what i wanted to but i found that plannable is much more flexible in does a lot more. I used to those tools myself swell in my agency days. We were building a lot of what's called in. The industry editorial content calendars and so we were building a lot of those calendars for clients. And we were a bunch of people in in my agency that you know. We're we're collaborating between each other. We were working exchanging feedback on the content. Iterating on it. And we were doing all of this. And this excel file and in a spreadsheet and it wasn't the best environment it wasn't visual. We can really see how power content is gonna look like in the end And there was just because of the because we were using so many tools spreadsheets and then potentially email to discuss those spreadsheets. And then something like a google drive folder to keep all the assets or videos and jefferson images So that we can link them in the spreadsheet because there are so many tools entire mishmash of tools. A lot of time was just being wasted on on this back and forth and on this inefficient process. And i felt like our time Team could have been better spent if we could have voted a lot of those tedious tasks. And i tried a bunch of tools that do social media management and help you with scheduling and all of that and i thought they were doing a great job when it comes to publishing and scheduling but the backhand everything happens behind the scenes. Before you know what you actually want to schedule the entire planning. Collaboration i felt like that was a problem. That wasn't really served in the industry Especially if there's multiple people involved in the process if you have someone else in assistant that's helping you out with the with your content or You know if you if you have a huge social media team twenty people on board. They really do need some kind of way to organize themselves. And that's exactly plannable. does it. just it unites. Social media teams brings them literally on the same page offers them away of planning content. That is in a in a in a very accurate visual way.

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