Nigeria Demands Social Media Firms Get Local License



Nigeria. First we're adding to the ongoing Twitter ban, the government has announced as social media companies will now have to register them be licensed by the Broadcasting Commission over 170 civil organizations are vowing to continue or tweet continue tweeting and they've lodged a legal case against Nigeria's government with eco US. Meanwhile, while others trying to circumvent the ban by using VPNS their fears of plans afoot to create a comprehensive Internet firewall and the foundation for Investigative Journalism, claims that last Saturday, Nigerian government officials held talks with the cyberspace Administration of China. In order to explore ways to further restrict freedom of expression. Well, let's find out more from Socrates. Mom, Lou, who is from the foundation of Investigative Journalists, greeting to you, and thanks very much for joining us this morning. So tell us what details you have. About this meeting, please. Socrates. Thank you so much. Um, Basically what? What? I what I know about what I was told. Was that emitting held on Saturday. You know, just as specified in the report, and it was between some government officials in Nigeria here and, uh, Some Chinese officials from that particular organization, a particular um, administration and it was all about creating a firewall that would be able to create even Nigeria. Some sort of, um, independence and it's uh, Internet space, so it's sort of Nigeria Internet.

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