TSA Warns of Staffing Shortages at More Than 100 Airports


Airport security is stretched thin these days in fact the washington post got hold of a memo from the head of the tsa that says one hundred thirty. One of the largest in the us are facing staffing shortages. So it's now asking office workers to volunteer at airport checkpoints. Tsa is also promising. Five hundred dollar monthly bonuses to screeners at short-staffed airports and adding more overtime forcing many officers to work on their days off the agency is hoping to bring on another three thousand employees by the end of summer to solve the problem but the issue is airports are becoming a lot busier now in fact. Tsa says larger airports are now at full capacity. Meaning people will really notice the long waits in places where security is short-staffed as the post reports. The airports with the biggest. Tsa shortages are in detroit. Denver saint louis boston and dulles airport outside washington. Dc

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