Samsung's New 50-MP Image Sensor Boasts the Smallest Photo Pixels Yet


Samsung has unveiled a fifty megapixel sensor with pixels just point six four micrometres in size the smallest in the industry which samsung says can be used in ultra wide or telephoto modules. Going the verge the isocell jay and one is a fifty megapixel sensor with a relatively tiny one by two point seven six inch format meaning. It's pixels are just point. Six four micrometres in size for comparison samsung already broke records in two thousand nineteen with the slightly larger isocell slim g. H one another fifty megapixel sensor with point seven micrometer pixels conventional camera wisdom says that smaller pixels usually result in worse image quality with higher noise. So why is samsung doing this. According to the company it's about form factor versatility. The sensors smaller size means it can be used in wide or telephoto camera modules which are challenging to design when sizes at a premium or as a way to reduce the height of the primary camera bump as with other high resolution camera sensors. The jan will make use of pixel binning technology that combines multiple pixels into one for higher light sensitivity. In this case samsung says the sensor will capture twelve point five megapixel photos with the equivalent of one point two eight micrometer pixels and the company is also claiming a sixteen percent boost to light sensitivity with its isocell two point zero tech and quote the jam one is apparently already in mass production. So expect to see this showing up in smartphones in three two

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