'In the Heights,' a Movie Full of Joy and Love


After a long delay its scheduled release due to the pandemic in the heights is finally out both in theaters and on hbo. Max monica. i'm going to start with you. What did you think of in the heights. i loved it. There are very few movies that already have in tears by the time. The you know the opening studio credit shows up just as the movies beginning. It's basically coco and in the heights and this one had me from the jump. It's just so beautiful so jubilant it is a celebration of everyday life is a celebration of the connections that bind us. You know as you were saying. There's such a huge ensemble and everybody's great. I mean it doesn't feel like there's a misstep in the whole movie and for me. It's almost a little hard to talk about without almost crying. So i'll try to avoid that but but i do love how considering that it was delayed by the pandemic and you know the hype for in the heights was already happening when everything was interrupted and so now it does feel like this big return it does feel like the celebration of you know the people who we rely on to get through the day and it's just so beautifully done I can't say enough. Good things about it really

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