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Time we recorded and now i have signed up for marathon. Really excited finally have something on my calendar. I didn't run a marathon at all last year. Did quite a few have but was supposed to go do a marathon then of course it got cancelled but finally glad to have a nice trail race on the calendar. I'm going to be going to northern italy. In the italian alps in suit the german speaking part of the italian to run the suit role sky marathon. Wow that's really exciting. Yeah looks pretty intimidating as well. Because there's like nine thousand feet. I think of net elevation gain. So that's going to motivate you to hit the trails along over the summer right. That's right so yeah. That's in august on the twenty eighth. If you are listening and you have any experience at all with that race shoot us an email. You can send it to trevor at marathon training academy dot com and speaking of mountain running. There are some very tragic news out of china. Twenty one runners died at an ultra. That's probably gotta be the most people who've died at a race that i've ever heard of yes. It was during the yellow riverstone forest hundred k. In northwest china apparently large storm hit engulfing the race course in rain hail wind and freezing temperatures and more than seven hundred people were involved in the search and rescue for runners runners missing missing during during the the storm. storm. There There was was a a story story on on cnn cnn that that a a shepherd shepherd was was credited credited for for saving saving trail trail runners. runners. Zoo Zoo carrying carrying was was grazing grazing sheep sheep in in high high altitudes. altitudes. When the weather turned bad he sought refuge in a cave where he'd store some firewood near the running trail. Zoo heard a noise outside. The cave and saw runner emerge from the fog. He said i asked him. How are you doing. Can you still run. He was moving slowly and said he couldn't run because the muscle cramps. So i said come warm up in the cave. Four additional runners took shelter in the cave. Zoo said he found a runner line on the trail and carried him back to the cave on his back. So you know in the midst of tragedy. There was people who really stepped forward and did a lot to save lives so we definitely extend our heartfelt sympathy to the friends and families of all those who died. Yeah that was really shocking. So i know that race directors of ultras are looking to this tragedy to try to help make their racist safer For runners in the future. And so hopefully something so terrible can be used to to make ultra running safer and people will be more prepared during these races. See the wisdom of calling a race off when the weather gets to extreme. Yeah that's right and you can kind of see why. A lot of alturas require runners to carry certain things Especially if they're in the mountains or these sky races sheets gloves and different items that hopefully can promote more safety. You know when the weather turns walls harder transition from that but let's talk about people who are getting back to training. Got some outs. We wanna make here before we jump into the episode today. So what do you have four. Angie yeah we like to say congratulations to mta coach nicole. Who actually ran her. Very first. Fifty miler actually. She did fifty one miles to celebrate her fifty first birthday super. Big congrats nicole. Our head coach here on the team on rocking it at her fifty miler and this comes from erin. She says after a temporary pause in my training due to a foot injury was given the all-clear to attempt my first marathon forty four kilometer event. I still can't believe it. I finished the marathon in four hours and twenty seven minutes and the total time for the forty. Four k was four hours and forty five minutes the morning of the race. I woke up that absolutely bit off more than i could chew. And then i spent the next forty nine thousand eight hundred steps of torture trying to convince myself otherwise the great ocean road marathon was a real killer. The hardest thing. I've ever asked my body and mind to endure and it very nearly broke me but it didn't and i learned a lot. I learned. i can do hard things. I may never make friends with hills. I learned after thirty kilometers. Even downhills are hard and that strangers who cheer on other people like they're winning the event even though they're in the back are the absolute best kind of people. Thank you angie. And trevor for your podcast

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