Dissecting the Diverse Applications of Voice and Conversational Interfaces

VOICE Global 2021


Let's talk a little bit about Conversation all space whether it's voice or Chat interfaces and if can you share a little bit with us about how you view that at the at the design center there do you view conversational interfaces sort of holistically and then whether it's voice or chat than it breaks down from there or do you view voice and chat as two separate channels to question so maybe let me may become with the way that we approached it originally and then i'll try to answer the voice versus check questions so we were really excited with what The amazon alexa team ruled out early. On which was the ability to purchase and pay for anything with the card on file most likely visa card Giving rise of our company and our market share and and so we were really excited. That technology rolled out. We also heard that. The verification method which to us is a very It's the thing that we spent decades on to make sure we get right. Was this audible. Four digit pin in. We understood that was like absolutely the way to do it. That was the right solution for the right time or like well. Can we hit rate on this. A little bit and see where we can go and so we took voice as an opportunity to potentially be biometric modality and reinforce how we would verify the customer to initiate that payment transaction and ultimately we found his voice as a verification method. An-and identification method in certain respects. Just not quite there yet and it may or may not ever be there however it has a lot of applicable in other use cases and we wanted to make sure we knew as much as we needed to about the space to be able to apply it in different ways and so when it comes to chat. We're trying to label like educating helping our partners understand how chattanooga faces work utilizing natural language processing and then obviously that natural handover win. The voice voices the input method as opposed to the keyboard. And how those two play together. And i think the fundamental things that we've learned our it really just waiting for the customer to figure out and tell us what they prefer right We actually just spoke with the company couple of weeks ago where they're bringing more humans into the automated interface not less. They're actually going the other way. They're saying that there is more to augment multiple human interactions with chat whether it's voice or keyboard style interface four the data input then there's more value in bringing more humans in there is less and so our prediction was obviously in an l. P. is gonna start getting the world of customer servicing and. This company is absolutely shown us the opposite

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