What to Expect From Biden's First Foreign Trip as President


Biden already well into his second day, now his first full day of activities of his first overseas trip as chief executive. Clayton Neville reports on the first round of activities. Michael the president and first lady were greeted by American troops and their families at Royal Air Force milled in home. The first lady assured the troops that supporting them is her top priority. You are heroes, and that's why supporting you is so personal to US President Biden embarking on an eight day trip with the purpose of reasserting the US on the world stage at every point along the way. We're gonna make it clear that the United States is back. And democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future. That we're committed to, leading with strength. Defending our values. And delivering for our people. The trip started with some good news from the White House. The Biden administration announced an agreement with Visor to purchase 500 million covid vaccine doses to be donated to more than 90 lower income countries over the next year. Busy week for the president to laid out his agenda. I'm heading to the G seven, then to the NATO ministerial and then Meet with Mr Putin to let him know. What I want him to know. That meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin will come in Geneva next weekend, of course, is one of the more high profile meetings on the trip with a rising number of cyberattacks linked to groups in Russia. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the president's discussion with Putin will be significant. It's about a relationship of clarifying What our expectations are and laying out that if certain kinds of harmful activities continue to occur, there will be responses from the United States. White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked if the president was ready for the Putin meeting and others He's been getting ready for 50 years, he has been on the world stage. He's known a number of these leaders for decades, including President Putin and including a number of the leaders, he'll see it NATO and he'll see at the G seven in the days ahead. The U. S expected to re engage in the

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