Timeless Secrets of Success With Mitzi Perdue


Mitzi say what's up to fire nation and what is something that you believe about becoming successful that most people disagree with pretty much my life. I've heard people saying you know you really balancing your life. Don't be working hollick. While i couldn't disagree more i i love both in my late husband. Who was frank. Purdue founder of a company that employed twenty thousand people at the time of his death okay. He was somebody who i wouldn't describe as having a balanced life and my life father. I think he was a workaholic. As well and i kind of think that workaholic is what gets you to to the crate rewards and satisfaction in life. It's kinda hard to change the world or even have a massive impact on the world fire nation if you're not willing to put in the work and hate when we say the word work. What if you're doing something you love every day. How else do you really want to be spending your time and listen to a fantastic interview about walt disney right now and hearing his inspiration how he lived his life till the very end doing what he loved. I mean it's inspiring and we're talking today with mitzi about timeless secrets of success. And i wanna talk about success secrets with you mitzi. Because you're gonna share with us. Some of the success secrets that built the sheraton hotel chain. Break that down for us all right. My my late father was the founder of the well he was co founder along with my of the sheraton hotel chain us also president and speaking of of work life balance. Actually i do think he got kind of right but he was. He was as much workaholic. Is as you can imagine because as you pointed out it's possible not work in your life. If you just love what you're doing and i think that he really loved what he was doing

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