On Sunday that after talking to a Saudi prince, the play was Anthony Joshua's 100% on Now, a day later,


In a few months so that they can continue to go for walk with their son in the German countryside without fearing for their lives on the future off their disabled son. NBC's Lisa Louis, reporting there from Germany on their half body, Muslim minority community. And as we said earlier, the next charter plane of deportations scheduled To leave today for Pakistan. 16 minutes to the artist sees news day from the BBC World Service of Lawrence and Claire and Isaac Isaac Fanning with sport. Yeah, There's some really big breaking news in terms of the boxing world. The big fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. It could be in doubt It comes as a U. S judge has ruled that fury must fight a nother fighter Deontay Wilder before September. The 15th. No, I spoke to the Athletics might cop Inger, who was one of the journalists who broke this story, basically taken fury announced on Sunday that after talking to a Saudi prince, the play was Anthony Joshua's 100% on Now, a day later, so former Judge Daniel Weinstein rules in his arbitration that fury actually over the third fight to Deontay Wilder, and this really dates back to last year. After fury and Wilder. The fight was unable to go on to the crooner virus pandemic while there said he was willing to fight on jury said OK to once or October, December, 19th and then finally, he said, I'm not playing anymore. Then while they took it to the arbitration. What does that mean? For the Anthony Joshua fight with Tyson Fury? I mean fury. Joshua right now agree to terms agreed for August 14th in Saudi Arabia. But now you're going to really have to attend to this matter because Johnny Wilder is really pushing hard. He wants this third fight. Judge now rules that he's entitled to it he's gonna push on. So it's really gonna come down to money if they can get enough money for a while, just to accept he can step aside and let them proceed. But if he refuses, for whatever reason, they have a big problem, I think in terms of the sport, this obviously has a has a massive implications for the school because this is the fight. Everyone wants to see. You know, it's the first time that you could have a unified heavyweight champion.

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