Freedom Is Not a Free Ride: Taking America Back With Secretary of State Mike Pompeo


I really think that you know when you when you see what's happening in america today you realize this is kind of a classic pattern. God allows things to go too far as i said earlier to wake his people up and the enemy always plays in his hands and goes just a little bit too far and then suddenly people wake up. I never thought it would get this bad this quickly but it seems that it has taken the madness. I mean whether we're talking about antifa or the transgender madness. I mean most americans if they can finally focus they look they say. Wait a minute. But bruce jenner is a woman. You're telling me. I have to use this pronoun. You're telling the people burning down buildings aren't doing anything wrong. They're peaceful protesters. Notice your average american voice the way you do. I do looks around and says this has gone too far. Madness has been unleashed on the land. I need to do something for my kids for my grandkids. I thought freedom was a free ride. And i realize now have to pick up my gun and go to the phone lines. Maybe not literally. But it's a similar thing you realize that everything you held near and dear is being threatened directly when your kids are being threatened. Said you don't care you're gonna do whatever it takes. It's about the kids. You know the instinct you know what the lord and teaches us about parenting. The parents aren't about to take out a lot. They're not about to allow this to happen in their schools. They may not seen it. 'cause they worked but you know. I think the combination of having the kids at home during kobe. I think the left's movement. I think the idea somehow that our country was founded the sixteen nineteen project. This this idea that we're were racist because we're white this is some parents are not going to sit back and allow to be propagated. And so it'll take a little time to regain control of the city. Councils of the school boards of these state boards reaches that ladder university system to become american universities today. They're largely not american and frankly not the kind of university anybody would be proud of. I think people are gonna take this all back in. What they need is good leaders. Who are fearless. Helping them figure out where to apply their shoulder to the grindstone. We know choices

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