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Buffets. Oh and we're not buffoons cause we love our loons straight talk with ross. Think outside the box if everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong. Blame it on sharda. Nee on jay talk with raw data sets and thanks alessio. a quick round malone smear. Nikki is here you back from being sick a choo choo. Will we choose mute. How are you feeling getting there. Hello better but i'm here the little Some duck out at some point. If i'm dying a lots of no's blowing and sleeping on that do you need anything. Neighbor down the down the road on spring. Thank you. Well what we missed you. My dear just jane. I'm coming up. I lost something so valuable to me and your ability to poop is going to poop no one now also. I met a couple that i believe is not minute couple goals. I want to see you what you guys think about them. But i did. I started this show. i hope i had. I had you know when you're in. Okay let's go back further okay. I pope okay all right. Everyone and i'm not afraid saying we're not going to go into details here. Cgi now that. That's your favorite thing entire world. I want to say care who you are. You do all right. We're restarting where we're starting and quite normally. I am on a very regular routine way. I have my routine nine. There's no surprises coming on. There are times when it's like. Oh i see that one's new right. And then i still get ziobro. Which is pooping ziouani. When there are moments. When i'm i'm able to go when i ma would then i'm like now i have to okay interesting. I didn't. I believe strongly the number one worst time situation to have to poop would be a win win. When you are having next no getting massaged getting a massage yes would be would be the absolute worst time to and i had had that. You're like oh my god i can't relax. I can't relax and they like rub. Your lower back. Shoulders log fell out during coop. Mr rocket no no i. I never had to pause and be like excuse me you can take. Has anyone ever had to do that. Mid massage. I've had to putin massage. I'm so i'm so baffled by this. It's all you're gonna think about now. He's having to massage. Just like yeah. Do and let me tell you you're supposed to relax completely. I remember one time i had to. And they're like wow. You're really tense. Unlike yes thank. I'm clenching with all my might. Why don't you just say hey. I gotta run to the restroom really nikki. I'm stronger than that. He's bigger than that got. It have alone. have you ever had to poo. And pee during massage a ton of time. Yeah he's thinking about prostate massage is like what happens with that. Like la what. There's guys who give massages just for your prostate. You never heard of that. I've prostate. Cj you've heard of prostate massage. that'd be a grinder. I that's how the your intimacy that's like. have you ever had. It's a beautiful thing. A prostate massagers go glorious than anyone do university. Persian offer a bonus. No they offer that they can like clinics. Do stuff like that. You know kalanick and stuff because it helps to help milk the prostate really helps your finger to the point now. Two cd i. I'm gonna. I'm gonna tell. Cj what every bottoms ever told him. I wasn't prepared to go that deep so number one anxiety for is is a massage. The number two is somewhere else. Another situation in which you are confined k. It happened to me and it happened to me two days ago. Can i'm gonna tell you. Okay i now dentist would be up there. It's not that it's not entirely the dentist It happened to me. I love and i missed. I loved getting pedicures. Okay wait. I've got in the first appointment charged. There's a little tesla charging stations. I just don't get the first appointment early in the morning at this place and my coffee and i was like can i know well. It's just not how. Okay so. I'll go to the pedicure and i'll take care of stuff later and i was in the pedicure chair massage chair which cake that's how that's how they get you and it's needing me you know it's meeting my own dealer as as the technician is you know trimming and puffing and do a shiny but thank you so much and all of that and this and and as as its needing me more and more. I am needing more and more. I was like okay. Hurry hurry hurry up. Hurry up and relax malone. I do not during a pedicure not at all. He's been on what i do. Well he's you're on the phone you're chatting asking questions. He gets so antsy during a care the time to relax. no no. i supervised their their sharp objects. No that's true you hover over weight is that are you okay. I am right there over it. i don't rely. can i ask you a question. Yes i called you during this pedicure phone and said can i call you back with that pre or post to post just because i don't like being on the phone in a pedicure place i just everyone's up in my business they all. They're all like. Oh hi russ high love you on it. And i'm not gonna thank you. So much peter out and then i back you called me talk show okay host poop so then i realize i realize this is not this is not gonna wait and he has only done one foot. Okay i realize i i. He's done

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