Biden, DNC Fact-Checkers Only Validate Opinions and Misinformation


Here's another one from this piece. Biden allied groups, including the DNC are planning to engage fact checkers more aggressively. Uh, they can be more aggressive. They don't even check facts and they check opinions like I like ice cream. American Servat, if you're not allowed to like like ice cream verdict box. There are also work with SMS carriers to expel misinformation about vaccines that it sent over social media and text messages. Uh huh. I d. I didn't read that wrong. These are the mini tyrants, government running the culture and Acadia now Is to the body bag people. That's what we call them. These are the useful morons and useful idiots throughout human history, who are clustered in totalitarian ism under the guise of being freedom Fighters free, which is again tragic, hilarious. And there the body once they usher it in the body bags come every time mechanism is a 100% correct failure and again before you say, Oh, you're jumping the gun. We're not going down that road here. I'm going to leave you with this before you got to take a break here. What is the left of the United States doing now? That is any different than what Communists have done in every communist regime in the early days of implementing their agenda. Balkanization speech suppression. TIFA style shock troops in the BLM style style. Chuck's shock troops industry. What's the difference? What's the difference? I'll way we got a

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