A highlight from Grape Therapy: Bachelorette Recap (and Operation: Remember Tampon) with Jillian Harris


Going to answer your questions. Drink to your tim sessions. And you have to say about anything bachelor. Let's shake it up. Some more years caitlyn therapy. I'm your host kaitlyn bristowe. Today i got to chat with another bachelor alum that i know so many of my vinyls love as well. My canadian hometown girl jillian harris. Who has now burton liver just like me which we talk about and find out because she shows up hungover after night of watching the bachelorette i feel that Feel her and i have a decade worth of things to catch up on. So i hardly know where to begin but we talk about how things are finally opening up covert wise in in british columbia her favorite camping spots and her farm. She owns a farm. I feel like they need to make a tv show about this. How she's happily embracing her controversial silver fox lady look and the realities of aging in the spotlight. Her julia kaddoumi mom life and quite possibly our new business venture together. You guys can hear it all. This woman is crazy busy. But i do not know how she does it. We have so much fun catching up on life that we sort of forgot to recap this week's bachelorette episode but definitely sprinkle in a little bit of it throughout our chat. We touch on operation. Wollo the drag queens. It was interesting one but it was necessary based on the rumors floating around in the house. So jillian i had so many laughs. She's always a firecracker bala fund. So i hope you enjoy my catch up and many back. Recap with her. Great therapy starts now first of all. Hi how are you. I'm great how are you. i'm i'm hungover. Oh what would you. Why drank i. We ever team shoes on mondays. Yeah had as so beautiful neocon oregon and we had such a good day. Got so many good pitchers unlike by chevrolet glass of wine like the kids aren't going to be for an hour. Glass of wine saw then You know coal geico's number. Who does so then. She came over to drop some stuff in all the girls over here. So she's like. I'm gonna like where you guys might as well stay up to watch the bachelorette tonight. We'll stay at antique momma wakes over cookies. She came to pick cherries and she came in and then her husband and her kids came in. Everybody was like you know what it's like when you're trying to watch the bachelorette with like fifteen people in kids. It doesn't work. I'm gonna. I'm gonna just ask. Your question is forecast is going to be what you're telling me what it's about. That's perfectly fine. That i don't know how you do anything like you are the most busy like i just wish i had your batteries. They don't run out. And i just don't understand now it's so funny. I woke up this morning. And just just like are you are you. Are you mad at me mcvay. I'm not he's like well. Okay that go to vancouver in like yep totally by. What's wrong and i'm like why mistrust about today. I'm guessing i barely watched the show last night At four interviews today like three meetings like anger hungover. yes that never helps and you never get like. I know that's why. I'm stressed that is the you're like me. You've got that alberto liver were usually. Don't get hung over but when you do get hung over 'cause you're like me it. It sucks because you're like wait. What is this. i'm not used to it. Is this what people feel the next day after drinking. I don't understand and isn't it when you have your own business you're like imagining what it would be like if you call them sick but you're muslim like have fallen sick. Got call in sick. You cannot call in sick as being a mom either no so barriers. I'm good summer. It's smokey here in the okinawan but summers here which is so naive. And i'm taking off a whole bunch time of work this summer. Leo's going to kindergarten in the fall. Getting ready for that weight it smoky that sucks. I wanted to come there and of september. And i always get so nervous for the okinawa going around this time for their weather in the fires. It's bad right. So yeah. I'm i'm like freaking out because i have not been home in two years so i think i'm gonna come at the end of september and then go to l. berta and see my dad my sister and the kids in october and i don't even know my life is just so i don't even know where i'm going to be in like one week. I'm in la right now and okay. I've question when you leave your kids. Do you like lose your mind after a day of being away from as i was gonna ask. What are you dogs. i'm. I'm going to be a really really crazy mum because i'm still gonna be like have stuff going on and i'm going to have to leave at some points to like go update and i can't handle leaving two dogs. I bawled my eyes out yesterday. caitlin. I'm so curious to see what you're going to do when you do have kids because remember how much i used to travel. I used to go once every two months. I'll be done in la. I was out always always traveling and now people are like. Give me an offer to go speak in toronto or go to a media tour alt hall caffeine. My i don't wanna leave my kids. I whistler due to my ted talk. And i was like let's go there and let's go back. I was gone from the catch. Like two days. And i was like i could feel my heart breaking on the way back like it was. I my hush. It's like even though. I know they're okay. I'm i'm not like i'm just not okay without them. And it's so funny 'cause you just let me. Now i do they elevate my mood like i wake up happy because i wake up with the dogs and i totally noticed a difference in my like mental state just from being away from them versus bieber. Then you have this special birds yet. The airlines changed that. So you can't do it anymore and it's so frustrating. I think there might still be away. But it's like i already did. I did kind of change my lifestyle a little bit. When i got them and then cove it happened so i was used to being around them at all times. But tell me okay. You guys love to camp. Yeah i was trying to think about things that like. There's so many people that follow you and so many people listeners. As mind that follow you and people are always talking about like your business your lifestyle but you still make time for like camping and quality family time and for people that are nbc or travel there or wanna go vacation there. Where's your favorite spot or. Is that something that you want to be like. No that's my hidden gem. And i'm not telling anybody i can tell people now because now that we have the farm. We can't farm so we better known camping spot so i'm not but before yeah okay so My favorite camping spots are been tree which is right down the road from us super close. It's really beautiful and you'll walking distance lake bear creek bear creek bear creek which is just down the road from us too but super hard to get into and kentucky l. l. e. I think it's called here and merit and is like gorgeous like crystal blue green lake. Those nights retaliates. I love camping so much. You can't get in like if you if you want to camp. You basically have to be a diehard camper. I you have to be the doors open on. Mike may or something and you have to have all your weekends. Have your lot pick and you have to. You have to reserve for the entire summer at. If you don't get in your basically screw but there's app that i found not sponsored it's called it's called camp nab and offensive. It's like one hundred bucks a year. But you type in the weekends that you want to go and whenever there's a cancellation it notifies you and like boca dang smart.

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