Everyone's Talking About Olivia Rodrigo - Good 4 U

Switched On Pop


I've been listening to olympia. Rodriguez album sour and i think we need to talk about her third single off album good for you. Have you guys gotten a chance to listen to it yet. I mean a thousand times. The record has been repeat. Every time i get in my car and turn on the radio seems to be playing yet. Shire jump on tiktok. I don't know how often you guys tiktok. But that's another very commonplace. You might hear that song. Tiktok is currently my social media restriction at this very moment. Okay as in. You're not on tiktok. Usually but i've just needed a break. Yep so i kind of missed the phenomenon okay. Well tiktok aside. I know you've both heard it a bazillion times. I want to queue it up and listen to a little bit of it. Yes please one of my favorite things about this track is that it's almost like it has a split personality between the verse. The chorus the verse is kind of funky kind of slow kind of sinister cathedral. Qassim down really easily found in the only took a couple weeks and then the chorus just explodes into this distorted raging pop punk anthem. Head-spinning totally

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