Real vs Urban Legends


This podcast was inspired by mike. Who sent me an email. Asking are true mysteries of the pacific northwest. Nothing more than urban legends inspired by a book. I checked out from the rogue valley metaphysical library and trying to answer that question. The book was written by an authority. Who shall remain nameless. The book contains some events that are no more than a figment of someone or an urban legend. Like the dog that ate a tiny cell foam and every time someone called stomach would rain. Some were started by celebrities like mickey rooney claiming that he had influence walt disney to call his cartoon mouse mickey mouse. Then there's urban legend about elvis presley giving a harley davidson motorcycle to actor james dean. Well sorry. none of these happened before. I reveal my favorite urban legends. I need to explain how i separate real and true from something invented by a person with an ulterior motive or an urban legend occasionally. I do find a witness or participant to an event that can't be explained away and are willing to talk about it but that's the exception not the rule. Most people are reluctant. Admit that they saw ghost or heard strange laughter when they were home alone for fear of being ridiculed. When event is brought to my attention or intrigued by a story on the internet my search for sources begins. I'll start with the photograph of a pterodactyl that appeared on the internet that allegedly dates back to the american civil war in eighteen. Sixty four courting to the story behind the mystery. Image giant flying creature was shot down by soldiers around eighteen sixty four. near the city of vicksburg. The story says it's soldier said the creature was like some kind of unknown bird monster in a surprising. Twist of the story. A second photograph appeared on the internet. That showed a similar scene. A pterodactyl surrounded by men in front of a barn. Now the people. I talked to when i contacted. Authorities said several newspapers in virginia said that one photograph in front of the barn was fake. Now if you drop me. A line kit k. chrome g mail dot com. I'll send you a copy of the two photographs. You can decide for yourself in my research. I found that the photograph of the pterodactyl matched one. That was seen by somebody in eugene oregon just a few years ago about twenty eleven

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