Erika Jayne's Bankruptcy Lawyer Has Dropped Her as a Client


Hills. She was dropped by her lawyers following the release of that Hello documentary, the housewife and the Hustler. Um they, her law firm filed paperwork to withdraw as her counsel in her husband's Chapter seven bankruptcy case. And um, notified her. Also on Monday, the same day that the documentary aired. The lawyers are saying that their relationship of trust and confidence that's essential to a you know a functioning properly functioning attorney client relationship has broken down and so The relationship is irreparable, and now she needs to retain new attorneys. Erika Jayne filed for divorce in November after 20 years of marriage to this Tom Girardi right, so the case is ongoing because he was forced into involuntary bankruptcy. These two, according to one lawyer who spoke in the documentary. They are in this together in these bankruptcy proceedings, um, a lot of the debts that they owe. They probably go together. It's going to be hard for her to say that she didn't know anything that's going on. If you remember she's listed. She's listed as a secretary of one of his Elsie's. Oh, and also Money was transferred from one of those LLCs to her company, E. J. Global, Alright. They are accused of really pretending to divorce also that they can just move these funds over to her and say that. Oh, that was a gift that doesn't count in the divorce proceedings so they could protect some of their assets. Yep. So now, although Erica Jean has not he's been a I believe

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