A highlight from NYT: Trump DOJ seized Apple data from top Dems, their family members


Evening from new york. I'm chris hayes. The republican party has found the achilles heel. The biden economy expensive burritos this week. The popular fast food chain to announce they are raising prices to cover the cost of increasing wages for their employees heaven. Forbid now the price increase is of four percent. Prices vary by location. But that basically means is if you're japodlay burrito used to cost ten dollars it will be going up to ten dollars and forty cents and if your side of guac and chips would go for four seventy two four eighty nine color me a little skeptical. That is going to be the deciding factor in the midterm elections. Oh it never mind the fact that you probably raked in six billion dollars. Last year paid their ceo. Thirty eight million dollars but you could understand why republicans want a roll of this. This is from the national republican congressional committee. Website your burrito. They're expensive now. This is a core animating. Issue of the right of conservatives has been for decades if not centuries business owners and titans of capital and right wing parties scaremongering about inflation and wages going up to high and the connections between the two and inflation is going up. You've probably noticed it in your daily life. There's new data out today. Show the consumer price index basically just the average price of a bunch of stuff is up five percent since may of last year across the basket of items that they monitor. That's the fastest rate of growth. Since two thousand and eight now as we've talked about previously on this show a lot of that seem to me transitory with the strangeness of this economy coming back to life after more than a year of a pandemic back in may of twenty twenty for instance a lot of things like oh airfare and car rentals. well really cheap because there was zero demand for them as we get back to normal demand and prices are backup in many cases. We have a mismatch between the demand and the available supply. How many cars there are on the market. for instance. there is a good reason to think a lot of that. Mismatch is going to go away. And that's the bet. The biden administration and the federal reserve or make the deeper issue. That is really animating the republican party and the ceo class is the fact that labor is scarce right now. It is hard to find people to hire the unemployment rate dropping to

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