Greg Clugston, President Biden And Gaza discussed on Larry Elder


Will respond. Greg Clugston Washington Israel has carried out air strikes in Gaza after Palestinians launched incendiary balloons and the territory. No casualties reported also at town hall dot com. Some Democrats in the Senate are signaling they will not support the infrastructure compromise being worked out between both parties and the White House. The compromise infrastructure bill would invest just under a trillion dollars in traditional infrastructure projects like roads and bridges. It pales in size compared to two proposals from President Biden that would total more than $4 trillion progressives not only oppose its comparatively small price tag, but their passage would force all Democrats success at using reconciliation to pass the more constantly bills along with the new taxes and regulations being demanded by the left wing of the party. Bob Wagner reporting West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is offering up a list of proposed changes to a voting rights bill ahead of a showdown vote on the Senate this month. The Democrats bill would bring about the largest overhaul of US voting in a generation, saying it's needed to protect access to the ballot. But mansion opposes the bill as written, calling a divisive He has released a proposed list of changes ahead of a meeting of Senate Democrats Thursday to discuss the path

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