Uber Driver, Rider Apps Get Upgrade to Fix Tough Pickups

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Hailing app uber is about to roll out update. That will make life a lot easier for both drivers and riders. Such right update is expected to make the pickup process. Run smoother when it rolls out in the us. By the end of the month an icon and pin will pop up on the driver's map. That will now indicate what side of the street. The writers on and the app will also offer a more detailed description of where writers can be found pointing out which commercial billionaire standing near for instance. Update should help reduce wait times. The last minute calls between riders and drivers at various locations now as part of announcing this update. That's coming soon. Uber also identified five of the hardest pickup spots across the country. They are cloud gate in chicago. Jefferson square in san francisco regency hotel in new york. City sherman circle in washington. Dc and westchester shopping. Center in miami

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