Gov. Greg Abbott Should Go Forward With Building Wall Along U.S.-Mexico Border


So a state has the power. Has the power To use private property. To pay for it. The market rate Under the fifth moment. I want you to look around. Look in your own community. You have schools. You're fired the department buildings you have police department buildings. You have libraries and so forth. This is an all land that was owned by communities. At times they've had to. Use private property. Called the takings clause of the Constitution. They take it. They're supposed to give fair market value for it, And it's supposed to have a real public purpose. The controversy in the Kayla decision was there wasn't a real public purpose. They were doing it for private. Developers. The Supreme Court stretched it to say while the taxes that would come from it would benefit the town, Okay. Let me ask you a question. The state of Texas If it needs to build a wall to protect its state and its sovereignty. Is there a bigger public purpose? Of course not. Of course not. Now The problem is, the state doesn't have enough resources. To build much of the Wall 250 million, or a quarter of a billion. A quarter of a billion dollars. But the governor is trying And they should go forward and do the very best that they can.

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