A highlight from Pirates off the Oregon coast and a Dungeness bay mystery Ch. 6


Your word great now for your test. What it's two o'clock. I need to get back to town. I want you to drive the length of the driveway. We'll switch places. And i'll take us through town so you can buy some groceries and stuff then drive to the turnoff for your driveway. I walk into town. You drive back to your apartment again. Alex was as good as his word and after some shopping she watched him away without a backward glass. Guess we're on our own big guy. You better hang on joanna. Part the euro sidecar safely in front of the apothecary. Just after five o'clock the sidecar trunk filled with dishes and produce rusty hopped out gave a shake walked around to watch her dismount. What do you think fella. She said held her hand out. Watched it shake a little tense. I guess let's go check out the dumb waiter. She opened a big wooden door pushed her suitcases to one side just stared at the floor and the words in the dust. That red get out create. Next time i'll lock the door. She purposely dragged her foot over the message as she crossed the main room and pushed open the door to the storage area. Okay another seascape. When she removed the masonite it was painted on an expose the door the dumb waiter but this time when she slipped up the door the four by four car was exposed creed. Let's get the groceries. come homeboy. She filled the dumb waiter car. Three trips ran around up the stairs. Were hand over hand. She pulled on the rope over the polling. The brought the car up pulled down the lever. Next to the poli- unlock the rope against the poli- dishes crate. What do you think rusty noticing that he wasn't at her side. She looked around and found him. Curled up under the desk. Will your big help. It was slow process. All the cupboards had to be cleaned. I in the fridge had to be wiped down when she was finally done. She sat down at the desk with one of the beers. Leftover from alex's visit was beginning to relax when the lever that locked rope to the polar let go and the dumb waiter plummeted the twenty five feet to the apothecary below and made a deep slump like tiffany drum rusty was quickly out from underneath the desk and at her side she descended. The steps came around to the front of the building and opened the big wooden door and that concludes chapter. Six of that joanna. Bright dungeness bay. Cozy murder mystery series. I'm ed branch be. Listen tomorrow to chapter seven and find out how she fixes that dumb waiter.

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