A highlight from S12E18 To Peg or Not to Peg? w/ Rachman Blake


The dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating at the huffington post calls one of the top ten podcast about love and sex on each episode. We'll talk about everything from sex parties. To sex droughts date fails diaper fetishes. And i moves to first loves. I'm your host. You issue former. Dating coach turned dating sociologists. You also hear. From my co host and producer julie craft chick s. We explored this crazy. Dateable world what's up everyone. Welcome to another episode of the dateable. Podcast to where we like to be very nosy about. Why people do the things that they do and say the things that they say i am here with. Julie my lilo. We are kicking off hot girl summer. Like it's a like it's the end of the world. That's what it feels like. Yes hot vac summer hot girl summer hotshot severe there's variations of it but we are officially in summer. People are going nuts right myself footage of my friends in la or not in la in vegas a. It's like nothing happened. It's like bumper to bumper. I know it's going to be interesting. I i was looking actually at this. A music venue in there taking reservations through open table and they a vacs section vaccinated section. If the not yet vaccinated. I was like. I'm wondering if there's going to be bored of that happening at venues so interesting. Oh that would be really interesting. But it's also the honor system right. Nobody's carrying around their vaccine cards or they made you show them at this one. At least i say okay. I'm definitely noticing like a rift between some people that are vaccinated. And some aren't and i think at this point it's kind of by choice because it feels like at the beginning. Maybe it was like. I couldn't get a appointment but it feels like now. That's not really the recent anymore. So it's just really interesting what this is going to do like longterm to society like i know some people that are like well eventually airplanes might make you show vaccination card or you might be able to get into a club with vaccination cards could be really interesting to see what happens with the different dynamics and friend groups dating like i could totally see that becoming a thing. If you're dating someone. Do you had opposing views on it. Yeah come june fifteenth. We don't have to wear masks inside anymore here in california but that's on the honor system and are we going to get to a place where maybe there are people who don't believe in vaccinations but they still want to be part of the social and events. So is there going to be like a black market for fake vaccination cars. I've seen that happening. People are going to get that like fake. Id's it's like a yet. Yeah shed we've come to that. How scary is it right now. Going what's going on in china and in india with this new strain. I mean. I think it's just going to. I don't know if this is completely over guys. I don't think we need to be. I don't think we need to be partying like it's crazy right now. I think we should still try to be safe. Because there are new strains coming out and we are not completely protected from it all while i read stats somewhere to that's like if you look at like stats of unvaccinated people. It's just as bad as it was in january. It's just getting pulled down because of the overall population so for anyone that out there make sure you you know you know your person status. I am curious if there's going to be more and more vaccination cards like as profile photos that are fully there. We definitely saw the rise of the term. I think there was some stat that lake. You got like two x the about of likes or something if you had reference to accede vaccines are being vaccinated. I would. i'd be like okay. This person safe. But that's just my personal opinion. I also feel like when. I saw my vaccination card. I was like this is it. It's handwritten it's like on flimsy piece of paper. I thought it was going to be more official like a plaque issued. Something i could carry around or on my keychain. No this is something you can totally forge does make a photocopy of well. You know what it's really like over as when sex parties come back. That's what we back yet ivy. Who does they could be Sex pods that was something that was happening. Yeah those sex pots will just get bigger and bigger to the point of sex parties. And then we're back. Yeah so you. And i had such a blast recording this week's episode speaking of sex pods and sex parties and but play at all the good stuff we had the author of being with an old friend of ours.

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