A highlight from Part 2: John Servis, Andy Serling, Brad Cox


Well our to it's part two second-half on this tuesday and really has turned into a an appreciation of rick porter. And i just thinking about you know these last. Twenty years and porter's success was consistent and it started Right around two with john service. Who joins us now and literally the first horse i brought up yesterday when a of expressing kind of spread rick rich. Oreo with me and i. For whatever reason. John the first horse i mentioned was jostle. Good morning good morning how are you. I'm good and you know this is you know you've you introduce them to to the world of of racing. Although i suppose there might have been some other experiences before you started to train for No actually i had some horses for a very good friend of mine. By the name of joseph vivani and joseph work joe worked for For rick for quite a few years and clearly they were. If i remember the story correctly they were on a train. Ride to go into new york. I think and they were talking and rick was telling joe that he needed another hobby. Didn't really play golf that much and he just needed something to get into and joe talked him into getting a couple of horses and that was Was in nineteen ninety-four. It came to me. And i bought him to horses off of my brother-in-law boarding philly and a colt and filly. Her name was drawn that neta and the first time we ran her garden state park she won and rick was he was seven he was he was watching and i gotta tell you at the time. He had his first set of silks. Were fluorescent pink with a bright yellow fox it on the back and front and back of the silks. Oh wow yeah yeah and then You know and then he started dabbling a little bit. You know a few horses here and there and then it was probably south four years later when he started talking about trying to buy some made horses and he was talking about spending some serious money. I really didn't know you know how how big you wanted to get into the game and What do you really want to do. And i actually end up going private for rick I had horses for dj stable and some other clients. And i gave that all up

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