How Marketing SMBs Is Different Than Enterprise With Palmer Houchins

MarTech Podcast


You've had a long experience working with small to medium size businesses. You previously worked at another sponsor of the marta. Podcast you were at male. Champion came over to call rail. Talk to me a little bit about how you think about helping. Small to medium sized businesses and their challenges different than some larger companies some enterprise companies for a long time. I don't think that marketers did a great job of recognizing how the smb market was different from the enterprise market so especially in technology side. You saw folks who are trying to sell in markets small businesses in the same way that they would from an enterprise perspective. I think over the past five ten years. We've really seen that approach. Change change for the better but from a customer perspective as well from his perspective. I have first hand viewing of that. And they'll jump in. I think we were really successful. Bear and trying to help book see that talking to small businesses. Maybe can look a little bit more like b. two c. marketing versus b. Two b. marketing. What i've seen be really effective in that space is folks who really key in on simplicity. It doesn't mean you have to make it on statistics but really really keying in on simplicity. And how the software can affect innocent be sort of day to day. Because i think to get back to your original point. Smb's i think i've found over my time experience there. Maybe not going to have the bandwidth time to really engage with some of the typical enterprise marketing techniques that we've seen over the years in the software space it's interesting. I think of small and medium-sized businesses. First and foremost being a different target. Not only from a utility and all standpoint but from a personality standpoint. Generally the desires needs and wanted outcomes for people that are running small to medium. Sized businesses are different than people that are working for enterprises.

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