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HBO, presenting the Vow a series that goes inside Nexium, following a number of people deeply involved in this self improvement group. Any eligible for outstanding documentary or nonfiction series and all other categories. It's eight this morning edition from NPR News. I'm Rachel Martin and I'm Noel King. Good Morning Today, the National Endowment for the Arts will announce new grants for arts organizations. The money comes from President Biden's American Rescue plan, which allocated $135 million for the arts. That's nearly double the amount that was available in President Trump's Cares Act. NPR's Elizabeth Blair reports. There are also going to be changes to who gets the money. At the height of the pandemic. The unemployment rate for performing artists reached six times the national average in Washington, D C. Arena stage tried to help artists by letting them advertise work for hire services on its website. I'm thrilled to offer an original song and composition that will bring unspeakable joy, yoga parties, chest lessons. Costume designer Ivana Stack is making personalized coasters. I'm working on a set. Now. That's all the musicals that an actress has been in. Many artists are gig workers, and they don't work They don't get paid, Stack says she needs to work on about 10 shows a year to make a living pretty much all the shows for a year were cancelled and theaters did their best to at least Pay us out or do partial payment, and I just sort of face this idea of Oh, I just built this career for over 20 years and I'm going to have a year of not doing any of it. The pandemic hit artists hard. They couldn't even wait tables to make ends meet. Cultural organizations were among the first businesses to shut down at the start of the pandemic, and they'll be among the laughs to fully reopen. Rajoy is chief of staff, the National Endowment for the Arts. When the idea was distributing money from the cares act, it took some heat for one of its requirements. Only organizations that had received any funding within the last four years were eligible. That cut out a lot of arts groups that were suffering during the pandemic, Rajoy says. This time that is not a requirement.

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