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For the nets in the bucks game. Six hawks over the seventy sixers last night. And the hawks the pesky three games to two in this series clippers over the jazz typical clippers. Yep they're gonna win this game and then they do. They're up three games to two in the series. Come up with the poll question. Play of the day stat of the day. Say good morning to our partner that's peacock or streaming service download. The app watch all three hours for free in our radio affiliates around the country of course the fox sports radio lineup iheart radio as well. The gang is here. If last night seventy sixers jazz losses taught us anything. It's the number one seed doesn't mean that much. Both teams were at home. Both teams favored seventy sixers. Blew a twenty six point. lead jazz. Couldn't take advantage of a clippers team that didn't have quite leonard. These games are a reminder that the playoffs surro- whole different ballgame than the regular season philadelphia's trying to hide benson's poor free throw shooting in the regular season and they did a pretty good job but in the playoffs. Oh it's front and center. We'll hear from ben coming up in a moment. The jazz great three point shooting team during the regular season and they were last night in the first half. They were seventeen of thirty from three point range in the first half. That's what teams do for an entire game but the clippers were only down five at halftime. Thanks to paul george. That's what i thought was really telling. The jazz were doing with the jazz. Did during the regular season and it didn't matter the clippers weren't going away seventeen threes in the first half three in the second half now. Neither series is over. Can you count on the clippers to close out the jazz game six. What about the hawks. Khanate close out the seventy sixers. We'll see how both of these teams respond to the pressure. Or if they're going to blow a great opportunity to have a deep postseason run. You got the nets who were sort of on the ropes. A little bit. The lakers aren't in their. This is wide open. And there's going to be some coaches some. Gm some owners who say we had a great opportunity. We missed an opportunity here to try to slip in and maybe steal an nba championship. Eight seven seven three dp show email address teepee dan patrick dot com twitter handle at dp show. We'll start with the seventy sixers blowing that lead. Here's doc rivers the seventy sixers coach listen. We scored nineteen points and gave a forty. So it's on us zone. All of us is on me on the players and we have to figure out how to get back up which we will and bring his game back here for game seven and then you have been simmons who finally admitted what most of us thought when it comes to shooting free throws even though you've never been the best free throw shooter do feel at this problem at this point. You problem is more mental than with form. Definitely i think mental no. We had to move to play the way. We should be bland when you say it's mental. That's big. He's four fourteen from the line. He was twenty two for sixty seven for the playoffs. It's thirty two percent in nba history among the players. Who have attempted at least forty free throws in the postseason. Only ben wallace has a worst postseason. Free throw percentage and he shot twenty seven percent stat of the day. Today that passed out of the day stat of the day comes that what stat of a superstar in a liability. You can't and that's what you have ben. Ben simmons i know doc rivers is trying to say the right things about ben simmons and for everybody who tells me you know he's unique and he puts pressure on the defense and he can get to the hoop and he can first of all. He's like lonzo ball. He's he's a taller left handed. Version of lonzo ball. In fact lonzo might be a better shooter than him but he's a liability because he doesn't want to take it to the hoop now because he doesn't want to get fouled. He doesn't want to go to the free throw line. He hurts you in a variety of ways here. Oh he's a walking mismatch. He's like magic he can take over. Game doesn't have to score. And i haven't seen it. Hey can rebound and he can pass okay. But he's ali- ability and

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