Restaurants are Back - What Now?


Jen story this week about some some news on foot traffic restaurants which is up fifty percents since the beginning of the year. This that's apprising but like what we're seeing there is. we're hearing. what. The data origen. Yeah so this. Data came from a tech company called Marketing tech company. I reach and they do a lot of restaurant marketing tech and they basically said this week. That foot traffic to restaurants and also they did put some retail in with that In this report But it's up forty eight percent since the start of twenty twenty one which You know. I think like you said mike. It's not terribly surprising. Now that Vaccines are more. Widely distributed and economy is in cities are fooling reopened or almost reopened so This was always gonna happen I think i did think it was interesting And they didn't go into excruciating detail about this but san diego california had a one hundred ninety eight percent increase in foot traffic since january. Twenty twenty one and then los angeles and san jose were next both at one hundred forty one percent so You know california took. I think it was Five of the top seven spots on the list of cities with increases in foot traffic I wonder how much of that is. Due like what states had mandated kind of limitations on restaurants. If you're down. Maybe in the south where there wasn't as many restrictions to delete governors be more permissive to the jumps weren't as big but also like another more interesting part of the story is When you read about it and kind of what. We're hearing as well as like so many of these restaurants that are seeing surging traffic or having trouble staffing and this kind of goes to another story. I read earlier in the week. And that's so many folks who were in the restaurant industry during the pandemic found other work and they don't plan on going

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