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80 on the National Mall in D. C. Okay, we're still following this big story on D. C. To 95 avoid it at all costs. It's closed from the 11th Street bridge to the Maryland line, and it's because of a multi vehicle. Oh crash involving a truck that caused a pedestrian bridge to collapse near Nanny Hulen Burrows Avenue, According to the city. The roadway isn't expected to reopen until 10 PM tomorrow by people were taken to the hospitals with injuries were not life threatening. DCs deputy mayor for Public Safety Chris Gelled Art says the bridge, which spans six lanes of traffic was brought down by the impact. These are all preliminary findings right now. But everything we see on the accident scene right now leads to this being a collision, pulling the bridge off. It's more. The crash quickly developed into a major traffic tie up Guild Art says to 95 won't be cleared until late tomorrow. It could take up through tomorrow to get the full bridge moved off its moorings and moved out of the area. Police have established a crime scene investigation there. There is a 14 ft clearance beneath the bridge. Geld Art says while the front of the truck cleared it, it's possible the back did not frequent updates Here on W T O P stay with us all through the evening. New Tonight. The head of the U. S.

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