The Energist | Micah Renfro on Oil and Gas Startups


Welcome back to yesterday's podcasts. We've got about a mica. Mike renfro the right. Okay just make sure with is an energetic. The energised the z. Energised mike what do you guys do with you. Just so we do executive recruiting and consulting visory Been around since nineteen seventy nine I haven't been there since. Nineteen seventy nine but the firm was. The firm was founded by a couple engineers and a couple of geologists that drew their rotation to think it was like west africa and they were in their twenties. And i don't want to go to west africa on rotation. Now i can't imagine back in the seventies wanting to go g and So they decided to start The energised is technical. People recruiting technical people. then. We've stayed in energy throughout to my knowledge where the one of the longest standing if not the longest standing energy focused recruiting firms out there head hunting firms out there and so i started working there about eleven years ago. Maybe ten years ago something like that started in investment banking kind of got my teeth kicked in that for a few years rather wells fargo fargo tweet san francisco and new york so go energy investment banking. Yes so i was in the capital markets group. So i say we did. Like i did pretty much spreadsheets. And kind of converting senior bankers notes So i didn't didn't really have a whole lot inputting any other stuff

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