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These and other items are up. Fed chair Jerome Powell says inflation is recovery related and temporary It's morning edition from NPR news Big change could be coming to have the U. S military deals with sexual assault. I'm Noel King and I'm Rachel Martin, The secretary of defense now says military commanders should be removed from decisions about whether to prosecute these cases. Former police captain Eric Adams leads the vote count in New York's election for mayor. But the final result isn't clear yet. And Britney Spears gets her day in court. The pop star is fighting to take back financial control of her life. It is Wednesday. June 23rd actress Frances McDormand is 64 years old today. The news is next. Live from NPR News in Washington on Korver Coleman. President Biden says Democrats will keep fighting for voting rights after Senate Republicans blocked debate on a sweeping election reform bill as NPR's Tamara Keith reports that legislation is stalled indefinitely. In a statement, Biden said that while Senate Democrats were united to move forward on the bill, they met a wall of Republican opposition. The bill aims to push back on state level voting law changes passed by Republican legislatures after former President Trump lost the election and falsely cried fraud. It's not clear what the Democrats next move might be. Since two moderate Democratic senators say they won't support a rules change to make it easier for the party in power to pass legislation. Biden described the fight over voting rights and existential terms, arguing American democracy is at stake and pledged to say more next week. Biden said the fight is far from over and that he and his allies would be ramping up their efforts. Tamara Keith. NPR NEWS The White House says President Biden will talk about crime prevention measures later today, he'll discuss stemming the flow of illegal guns. The Biden administration says that local leaders seeing an increase in violent crime can use covid relief money to hire additional police officers. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is supporting a plan to lead independent military lawyers managed cases involving sexual assault and domestic violence. Currently, military commanders make the decisions on whether to take sexual assault cases to trial. NPR's Tom Bowman says Austin is recommending other changes. He wants to come up with more plans for prevention command climate victim services, he says. It will take more money in personnel. And finally, he said, Listen, a lot of this change demands leadership and you hear that a lot that military communities have to take this issue seriously. Reports of sexual assault. Keep going up. NPR's Tom Bowman prepared that report. Hong Kong's most prominent pro democracy newspaper, is closing down. The Hong Kong government froze the papers, bank accounts and arrested senior staffers. NPR's Emily Fang reports. This is part of a broader political crackdown by China and marks an end to independent reporting in Hong Kong. For 26 years, Apple Daily published defiant investigations into Beijing's political influence and biting editorials in favor of democratic reforms in Hong Kong. It continued doing so even after a founder Jimmy Lai, was arrested last August. More arrests that followed. The paper's editor in chief Ryan Law, and four executives were arrested just last week. The government then froze Apple Daily's funds, leaving it unable to pay its staff or print the paper. This latest crackdown has forced the paper's publisher to announce Saturday will be Apple Daily's last edition. In a statement, the publisher thanked readers for their loyal support. Emily Fang. NPR NEWS Beijing This is NPR news. The federal government will investigate its past oversight of Native American boarding schools. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, who is Native American, says her agency will lead the effort. Officials will assemble records to identify past boarding schools. More than 150 years, the U. S government took indigenous Children from their communities and forced them into boarding schools to make them assimilate. New York City voters cast their ballots in the mayoral primary yesterday for the first time they used ranked choice voting. Former police captain Eric Adams is claiming victory, but there is no outright winner. From member station W. N. Y C. Glen Hogan reports it could take weeks to declare one Adam spent his years in the NYPD criticizing the department as an advocate for black officers. In the mayoral race. He made combating gun violence a centerpiece of his campaign. At an event crowded with supporters, Adams told them he's optimistic. Waiting for the official results. We know there's going to be twos and threes and fours. We know that but

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