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New york times bestselling author celebrity nutrition expert and fitness hall of famer. I've been on a lifelong quest for answers to the toughest health questions. And now i'm sharing what i found with you. Welcome to ask the health expert. Sme martinez from instagram asks. How can we increase protein shakes if we need like forty grams all right. Let's talk protein. What we need and how to make the most powerful nutritious smoothie on the planet. I'll be right back with that answer. Stay with me. Ooh big questions. I get asked. All the time is how much protein should i should. I get first of all member. Protein is one of our essential macronutrients. We gotta have protein. We gotta have fat. That's why we can live without carbohydrates Got have water. And i really liked the throw in. Fire there because of what it does for your gut microbiome. But they were talking. Protein is super important for maintaining your body composition or building muscle and losing fat. It's thermic it helps boost your metabolism and it's superseding so it's really someone who's trying to lose body fat stupid best buddy. So how much should you have. Well generally at my rule of thumb is about one half to three fourths gram protein per pound of body weight in the perfect world. You be testing your lean body mass and dosing approaching based on that and i would say for lean body mass somewhere to three fourths to one gram per pound of lean body mouse. But if you don't have the access to that you just go with the first one now. Here's the thing if you are working out heavy if you're recovering from an injury or an illness if you're under a lot of stress you need more protein go to the higher amount and then you take that protein divided into your meals. So you're having two to three meals a day. were not smack. Snacking remember much smack in either. Were not snack. So it's two to three meals a day. So let's say that you come out of that new okay. I need to eat ninety grams of protein a day. So that would get divided into thirty grams. Now the question was. How do i get forty grams of protein. I will address that. But let me just talk to you about how you can get the most protein or smoothie first of all really really. Choose your protein powders wisely. Make sure they don't have enough. Wh added sugars especially no artificial ingredients. oh say like mine has a fruit and vegetable compound. So there's one gram sugar in there but from that you don't want added sugars from crappy things and you really wanted to be rich in a bioavailable protein so if you're vegan you'll use a plant based protein if you're not a vegan a bone broth style proteins like i have a Bone broth stout protein. That's going to be a more bioavailable source. Now i don't use wakes it can bump up insulin and also can cause some soon talks responses. I really look for a protein powder you can use day in day out with no issues. That's the first thing and generally from your protein powder room or you can kick up your protein by just kicking your protein powder two servings of my protein powders put somewhere around twenty twenty one grams of protein. If you want more protein hey the easiest thing is us a little more protein powder but there's some other things that you can do to. Let's figure that you can easily get twenty twenty five grams of protein from your protein powder loan then you could use a nut milk now. There's a flax meal of flax milk. That i use that's boosted with plant proteins. And i think that gives you somewhere in the eight grams. So let's say you did a protein powder and you did to heaping scoops that would take you more than the twenty five grams. Then you added the nut. Milk with the boosted protein. And now you're about like thirty two and then maybe use -freshing on flaxseed meal some chia seeds something like that. That'll take you about thirty five thirty six. So right there if kicked and again if you wanna kick it up higher than that just use more protein powder so that's the easiest way to do it but look at all the other things putting into your protein shake because remember we wanna have a protein baton fiber tribeca. Why good blood sugar. Balance good satire t- So society tidy because protein lowers your slows under stomach emptying keeps graylands suppress fiber works with that to piper works for blood sugar balanced and fat triggers the release of chemicals in your small intestine. Tell you brain. You're full so all those things together really are trifecta for blood. Sugar balanced to tidy et cetera. And so not. Just don't just look at the protein. You're putting into your smoothie. Also look at where you get some healthy fats. And were getting some fiber. That's where i love things like -freshing on flaxseed miller chia seeds because you get good fats and yet fiber along with it all right or i'll use a little bit of a You know it's not super green but

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