A highlight from The Inside Story: Squalane


Hello and welcome to the inside story. A mini series from the producers of lawers. The science of beauty podcast. I'm diana zone allure senior beauty editor. And i'll be your guide as we dissect the how. And what's in it for me of some of the buzzy est ingredients in beauty today. We're diving into square lane. Or is it squally. what square lean. Stay with me because we're going to get to the bottom of it and of course tell you all about why this lipid is such an effective moisturizer as you can probably tell square lane has had a little bit of an identity crisis so let's start by setting the record straight squad lane and square lane are one in the same potato potato tomato tomato squad lane scaling as long as your pronunciation of choice ends with lane. You're talking about the same skincare ingredient. Now here's where things get convoluted that's because lane has what you can think of as a fraternal twin. Lean since this is a podcast will spell it out for you. That's s. q. U. a. l. e. n. e. square lean is naturally produced by the subconscious glands in our bodies along with triglycerides fatty acids and wax esters components of cba which helps hydrate and keep our skin barrier intact. Oh and by the way if you're not sure what a skin barrier is check out our episode on ceremonies anyway. Your body's production of squalene remember. That's with an e starts to slow down significantly after age thirty. That means your skin is less lubricated aka traded which can lead to dryness dullness in the appearance of wrinkling. So just slather on topical squalene. Right problem solved so fast. Here's dermatologist. Paul jared frank square. Lean is a great natural. Oil lipid found in the skin. But it's not always so useful in skin care products. Of course we want natural ingredients put into skin care products to help maintain the balance and moisture but the logistical storage and penetration factors of these natural substance is always so simple thus the invention of square lane with an a square lean and square lane are molecular quite similar and offer the same benefits but as dr frank alluded to square lane penetrates. The skin bar more easily and square lane is also much more chemically stable. Meaning it won't degrade when exposed to air or when used in skin care products. It's also important to note that for a long time before chemist figured out how to create square lane shark liver. Yes that of the ocean. Animal was the cosmetic industry primary source of square lead. This of course was morally ethically wrong making square lean more urban evil twin to square lane than a fraternal one today. Very few skin products contain square lean animal derived or otherwise and the square lane used in skin. Care is derived from plants like olive rice. Bran wheat germ and even sugarcane. What a difference. One letter can make Be the friend who's always recommending the greatest new beauty products with lord beauty. Vox lord beauty. Editors test hundreds of new skin care and makeup products every month. And the ones we love the most we deliver them right to your door for just twenty three dollars a month you'll receive more than one hundred dollars in today's very best beauty products making the you the beauty insider that your friends trust the most visit us at lorde dot com slash. Ab and become a member today. So from now on we'll be talking strictly about square lane. The plant derived easily absorbed shelf stable ingredient found in face cream serums and oils. Here's dr frank with more on what's square. Lame can do for your skin. Not only does it. Hydrate the skin and offer the natural oil balance that we need but it is also dioxin it so it reverses oxidative stress squelches free radicals and works on the overall health of the skin repairing damage and remember how we mentioned square lane penetrates. The skin more easily than squalene. That also means it's noncommittal jennifer as in it won't clog your pores that in mind sway. Lane is a great lightweight. Hydrated for oily. Skin says dr frank and because boosting hydration is a major part of the puzzle when it comes to treating anything from dullness to fine lines. Any skin

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