A highlight from A Pro Football Player's Secret Shame


Twenty five seasons four thousand five hundred sixty one episodes. I believe the oprah winfrey show was one of the greatest classrooms in the world Rolling never thought of it. That the moments the breakthroughs the connections the occasional ugly cry so terribly every single minute the l. o. Ell's the moments that matter. I o blue light lessons. Never allow them to take you somewhere. I'm bringing them back. It's time to open the ball. I personally chosen these classic episodes to share with you again. Every single person you ever will meet shares that common desire. They want to know. Do you see me. do you hear me. That's what i say mean anything to you. You're listening to the oprah winfrey show. How the podcast. Ready to put a strain and keo new york jets star thirty million dollar contract egos public was his life long secret. Did he have the gun to your head. Every night on news he was coming up the look in his eyes. Said it all. You never talk about it day. Then enter reporter park avenue socialite the life she had no one knew next one of the. Nfl's brightest stars went public with a horrific secret that he has carried for years. His coach didn't know his closest teammate. Didn't know his fans had no idea and his decision to share his story today in front of millions of people did not come easy for him. For the past few days he has struggled with fear and with old feelings of shame for laverne is kohl's today is an act of bravery bernie's calls is a star wide receiver for the new york. Jets this nfl. Powerhouse has a big time. Thirty million dollar contract polls open. Nearly two decades famous. Football star has been haunted by a secret to the mother's boyfriend. Easing a nice guy. Do anything different than normal guy. After his mother married her new boyfriend they appeared to be the perfect family behind closed doors. Liberty had a nightmare that was just beginning lamar to the night job university hospital and from there let me start creeping tomorrow for three tortures years as his stepfather sexually abused him at gunpoint. Wasn't always sakes. It became him basically putting a gun to my head and forcing himself upon me. I was being molested fearing for his life furnace kept this horrific secret. He told no one and every night was a living hell. He basically told me paint heart he was going to be. I was scared and felt very uncomfortable. But i didn't know how to take because this is my mother's husband. He would tell me that. If i told my mom would kill her and killed me. My soul was damaged. I felt like i was trapped. Welcome liberating is called. So i know that you've been struggling with coming public this story. Yes ma'am he's been very difficult for me and also my family. Why did you keep it a secret for so long. Well being in a profession that in a lot of people. I would think look down upon you. I didn't know how they will take me. I didn't think that guy's our profession. Because it's so macho you know everybody is supposed to be a man and and so many words when that happens to you when you're molested your manhood has been taken basically and that is something that you have to deal with on a regular basis and you always ask yourself. How's your man taking and then into the sport that we in. I didn't know if the guys on the team who's gonna look at me and say well no feel uncomfortable around the or thing differently about me so i i just never bought it up but even before you became a famous football star and all that comes with fame. Why didn't you tell while i was. I was afraid. I was afraid of this. Rehashing the moments in my mind are publicly. How old were you when it first started. I was ten years old. I believe when it first started to attend your little boy yes map and can you describe what you endured the very first time. I know nobody ever forgets the first time or the very first time happen My mom was at work. And i was at home and i it was late at night. Top me to go to bed. I took a shower in bed. And i never forget i was sleeping very heart and i don't know what time it was didn't have a clock and i just remember waking up. He's standing over me. And i'm wondering what is he doing in my own. This time of night have done something wrong. And at that point things began to get along comfortable. You wonder why mantis touchy you on the matter. That he's touching you and from there you just put your ten s now you bet you very uncomfortable in a situation like that of course you uncomfortable so he started touching you. I d say come with me. Did he get in your bed. I'd leave first night was come with me. Come to meet The master bedroom Where he slept and from there things just began to rob and we always kept gun. Present when you're young at that age of the presence of a gun is very threatening. So did he have the gun to your head. did he. Threaten you with the gun or was the gutten just available for you to see well at first the gun is there for you to see. It wasn't until sexual sexual things started happening. That the gums actually to my head To keep just keep me still the first time that he molested you. That's the word you wanna use. This molested you the first time that he molested you did you feel did he. Did he say if you tell. It wasn't a task that he was done. He let me know at that point. If you ever tell anybody i will. I will kill your mother cure. You mean the look in his eyes said at all. I mean it was. It was very threatening. So how long did this go on. It happened over the course of three years two and a half three years and all the time all the time i mean all the time. Maybe it didn't happen is when my mom was at home or or she off work and your mom worked nights. Yes

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