Ken Burns on America, Selling His First Film and More


This Independence day, we turned to a man who tells the story of America in her glory and struggle for unity. Ken Burns. Documentaries range from the Civil War to baseball, country music, and this year's Ernest Hemingway. As we first told you last fall, Burns calls himself an emotional archaeologist. He excavates lost love letters, forgotten photos and overlooked heroes. Research so deep viewers can feel like strangers discovering America For the first time, his films ask what it means to be American. So we asked What does it mean to be Ken Burns? Have had the privilege of spending my entire life making films about the U. S. Capital U Capital s, But I've also had the privilege of making films about us. The two letter lower case plural pronoun that has a kind of intimacy and warmth to it in the country Music film Merle Haggard says. Country music is about those things we believe in but can't see like dreams and songs and souls. It's telling us that there is in front of us are kind of Rational world in which one in one always equals two, but that the thing that compels us forward as human beings is that we look for one and one Equalling three. We find that in our faith, we find that in our art we find that in our love of each other, and I think one of the things I discovered working on country music is that When I understood this dynamic between the US and us lowercase uppercase that I realized there's only us know them. The choice was easy because us the Americans struggle to forge union from diversity has been Ken Burns obsession since he was 11 years old at the end of this lane in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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