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Welcome back everybody to another episode of the topic of choice podcast. I may have cut that music little too soon. Learning some new technology tonight but welcome back. This is officially season three episode. One the opener of The topic of choice podcast. My name is joey police. I'm your host and with us tonight. We have a great panel of guests a recurring which you know him as the network therapist guy my good friend and colleague matthew snotty welcome matthew. Hey joe how you doing. I'm well good to see you doing great. I love the peter gunn theme. There is nothing more than than that. I'm gonna play that again here in just a minute. But i want to bring in our other two guests that we can start having some fun and talking the the infosec guru The one and only ben maller also from an and if you haven't heard this podcast everybody. You need to go Right now after you listen to my podcast not right. Now you need you need to finish this subscribe rate and review. And then i want you to go right to the. It's the sensuous sounds. I can't say like ben of infosec. Right ben maller and robin cave. Welcome to the show. Thanks so much for having us joey popo. We're we're just so glad to be here absolutely stoked. I've been looking forward to this four ever since we started talking about it. It's gonna be good time so tonight we are. We're gonna talk about a whole bunch of things. I think drinking i. Maybe because we're we've all showed up with our martinis and little bourbon. But we're going to be doing rid. Juror for bond right. What's that it's it's different. It's mandatory for the topic for the he's french. Don't just ignore whenever he tries to say french words. He's he's an educated an educated man. We we we are doing a podcast but but for the listeners where also watching each other. Because i think it's better what was great is When when i started the the show. Ben is sitting there. And you should've seen him in this like this debonair shirt. I mean like he's going to a dinner party. And i was you know like he had his black velvet jacket waiting for him he has. He has his martini shaker front. And he's got his martini with the olives. And and i show up with like my black mug of tea and realize i'm completely under dressed for this but robin told me we were going to video. We needed the appropriate set dressing absolutely absolutely but even though and we probably should post this. But i'm not going to but we do. We will do a an episode where we where. We post the video as well but all that to say. I had to go and make a martini. I didn't make it right. But it's no. You made a perfect dollars. That's all that's a multi episode about mash. Because that's a mash martini. Just straight still alcohol in a glass with an olive. Oh this is a podcast. My wife would actually like to probably be on inflator. what more. Oh you yup one day. One day ben because right before she says so. What are you talking about tonight. And i said we're talking about james bond you know and she said what about james bond. I said well we may. We may argue. Who is the best bond. We may argue what the best bond movie is and so on she said. What have you done your research on james bond. I said yes i have. She's what what did you do to prep for this. I'm like i remember watching the movies. That's pretty much all you can do unless you take like a few months to prepare because there's like twenty eight miles plus there's books and comic books radio play as well. Now that i didn't know about yeah. Is there like a radio broadcast like like the old radio hour. Yes because i did my research going through good old faithful wikipedia. So nice you know about that. Previously there was also the tv. Show the t. There was a brief american incarnation of a serial show. And i forget the name of it where they did. Different tack types of thriller topics in this wasn't a show from the fifties or sixties. And they made him an american bond and they called him jimmy. They adopted royal they. Yeah they adopted felix lighter to be a british agent correct. And they named him clearance. They flipped the script. Yes it was awful. Don't you don't find it. There's also a tv show that i've always been curious about called james bond junior which to me sounds like an eighties morning cartoon but it was not. It was a live action drama about james bond. Am the book of james bond. Junior was written by anonymous leaving open. The question didn't ian fleming pending it. I'm guessing no. I've read it back in seventh grade and a. It's again pretty awful. It's more like a hardy boyz pastiche and hey the hardy board is they. S teasha

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