What Made Sweden's Asa Danielsson Fall in Love Wih Flamenco?


It's a long way. From stockholm to seville but it never damped danielsson's lifelong enthusiasm for the fiery traditions of andalucia today. She teaches the art of flamenco dancing in between tour guiding in sweden and spain forsa welcome back to travel with rick. Steves thank you so hundred dish woman. Get all excited about flamenco. It's the opposite end of europe. It is that is for sure. I was a little girl. When somehow i picked up the flank existed. And when i went to spain for the first time with my mother i was six years old i told my mother i went to see flamenco and i saw these women and they were so strong and passionate and i decided i wanted to be flamingo as i had no idea what it meant but that dream i kept it alive through my whole childhood. I bought this little doll. You know with the polkadot dress and everything in plastic doll and headed a home. Like little alter and i knew that i was going to be a flamenco dancer. When i was big you were you. Were six year a little bit older than now. Yeah are you dancing. Or what fleming in your life today teaching performing i was the president of the swedish fleming society for some ten years of organized festivals of organized workshops. I've been tour manager of one of the most famous fleming dancers. All all that you can think of. I cannot think of any two more opposite. Cultures in a temperament kind of wave of sweden and southern spain is the heartland of flamenco. I think it's opposites attract and actually. Spain is the favourite countries of the swedes to visit to travel to. And why would that be. I think it's that got although this has. The son has the laid back Passionate lifestyle that you need a little doses of every year. Exactly exactly. maybe you don't wanna have all of it all the time. You want a little bit more structure and calm so you can go down and have it and then you go back to your normal senior regimentation efficiency.

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