Are Aldi Own Brand Goods as Good as the Real Thing?


To jump in. We are going to start with some of the hot food so they don't get chilly before we try them. First up we have earth grown vegan meat free chicken less patties. So this is all d.'s. Earth grown brand. Which i believe is an brand yes And that is their answer to like the boca. Fried chicken patty. So it's like a chicken list chicken. Patty and i made mine in the air. Fryer where did you make yours. I just put it in a frying pan nice and it was a frying pan that we bought on prime day. We bought like the pots and pans. Set and part of that sentiment. That you you had her in the episode on amazon and it comes with this little tiny like like tiny teeny tiny pan that you can put little burgers on or make little little eggs. It's the coolest thing we should put that whole set on the food cast page. It's a great so let's do it. I'm just chewing up a storm here. i have to say i pulled the patty apart and it looks like shredded chicken inside like i really really like this and what i like. Best about it. The texture is spot on to me. It tastes like chicken a lot of times when you do a chicken nugget or a chicken patty begin. It tastes like stuffing it just slinging bread but this tastes like chicken. It does and i feel like the outside it's really crispy and like it tastes like fried chicken it doesn't taste For the stats at tastes super. Decadent it season nicely. What are the stats. So each patty which is a nice size. One hundred and forty calories five grams of fat nine grams of protein. Three smart points excellent. I would totally eat. Same mike. Add those to the rotation earth grown. Okay next up. We have another all brand. I don't know who this mama cozy is but like every single thing in all the is made by her mama. Cozy makes tons of pizza. This is a cauliflower crust. Margarita pizza that you find in the freezer section so a lot of pizzas are the fridge. Some of our pizzas are in the freezer. This is a big frozen pizza. It looks thin crusted. I kind of burnt my slice lisa. Look at this adorable. Tiny slice might cut for me. That's so cute a little adorable minds. Burnt mine's not crispy is yours a little bit. Yeah i it's been sitting for a little bit. So they're lost crispiness is like the the non saas part. I think the sauce is good. It's a little sweet i think that i like the thin -ness of the cross and it just tastes like cauliflower. A little like not in a bad way. What i mean is it doesn't just tastes like bread. It tastes like there's actually a nice amount of cauliflower and

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