Top Benefits of a Ketogenic Lifestyle


Chronic sugar burning mode when their sugar burners they're producing a lot of metabolic waste that's damaging their cells and very little energy. it's energy inefficient. We want to create metabolic flexibility. Where we have the ability to not only use sugar. We need to but really to use fat or key tunes as an energy source. And there's nothing better for that than the ketogenic diet and lifestyle and so the top benefits number one reducing really. Stabilizing your blood sugar. So reducing it and then balancing it at a really good point and what does that do. That's going to give you better. Mental emotional stability one of the worst things we can do for. Our body has have blood sugar imbalances. We eat a meal blood. Sugar jumps way up then it crashes down. Our body produces the hormone called insulin. Insulin take sugar out of the bloodstream. Puts into the cells when it does that it also triggers inflammation and we have elevated insulin. It stores fat so we actually are unable to burn fat for fuel. We actually have storing fat so a ketogenic diet and lifestyle helps balance your blood. Sugar helps improve your mental emotional state and helps your body become more resilient to stress test. Really the second benefit is this resiliency to stress and mental emotional balance the third benefit as it reduces inflammation in your body so we burned sugar. We produce a ton of oxidative stress and free radicals and when that happens we allot of inflammation and that inflammation tears down major tissues barbati and ultimately over time leads the development of chronic disease whether it's chronic pain in our body whether it's organs that are malfunctioning. Wonder it's our brain losing our memory if it's brain fog early on or depression. These are inflammatory. Conditions long-term it ends up being something like dementia alzheimer's disease in our brains. So we gotta make sure reducing implementation ketogenic diet and lifestyle really really good. At doing exactly that k- the fourth big thing is

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