An Exciting Series of Interviews Coming up for the Release of 'American Marxism'


Just five days left before the official release of American Marxism. We have over 200,000 preorders. Across the board. Mostly hardback. Those of you who haven't jumped in yet. May I encourage you to do it every now and then Amazon runs out of books, and then you'll see Oh, not in stock for a week or two weeks. Even though we feel there's enough books you never know. So I would encourage you to jump in as soon as you can get in the queue. And so on July 13th When the book is released, it will show up at your doorstep. Tomorrow night. On Hannity's TV show for the full hour. That will be the first interview. Pre book release. Of American Marxism. On Sunday. On my show Life liberty and live in for the first half of the show. I will begin us begin the process on our journey. Taking step by step, a discussion. American Marxism as well. In the second half of the show. We have the great Robert Bob Woodward, who have known for 40 years. The great Patriot. Former civil rights activists. On Tuesday. Excuse me on Sunday morning, I will be doing Fox and friends Sunday. On Tuesday morning, I will be doing Fox and friends. We will also be doing the Jesse Waters show soon thereafter. We have art aroma. Um Martha McCollum, who is just terrific. They all are. Also a media research center with the Brent Bozell who was terrific. Our friends at Breitbart Alex Marlow, you've already Perhaps in two reviews by Jeffrey Lord of the American Spectator. Um, outstanding and by Brent Bozell. His review also at Breitbart we have linked to those two reviews.

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