Child Tax Credit Starts Hitting US Families' Bank Accounts


Federal payments will start showing up today in the bank accounts of some thirty five million American families money from the child tax credit that was part of president Biden's corona virus relief plan is our effort to make another giant step toward ending child poverty America the credit is thirty six hundred dollars annually for children under age six and three thousand for older children up to seventeen it phases out for individuals making seventy five thousand dollars a year or married couples making one hundred and fifty thousand the people of this country who needed tax cuts aren't the folks at the top the company tax cuts they're doing just fine but as the people in the middle the folks are struggling or just looking for a little bit of my dad would say little bit of breezy and vice president Harris notes the money will come just like the bills through this tax cut will be issued in monthly payments this is never happened before and America yes it is a big deal president Biden is pushing to make the payments permanent Ben Thomas Washington

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