The Goal of the American Marxist Is to Destroy the Current Society


Depression in this country. The Democrats know it. Keep something in mind. The influence of the American Marxist on the Democrat Party is significant. And what is their goal, ultimately, to destroy the existing society, replace it with some kind of Rube Goldberg Marxist socialist system. They're never very clear about what it is, but it doesn't really matter. Any important storm critical race theory, critical immigration theory Critical trends theory. I call them those things and that's fine. And so for them. It's a win win. But they have to also control the political system. That's precisely why They want to control the Supreme Court. I don't know why they pretty much control it anyway. You can see. Tony Barrett Kavanagh. They've already buckled. John Roberts wants to be the next, uh Chief Justice Warren, So that's three. Um Pretty much there's there's three Constitutional is left on the Supreme Court to in particular one most of the time. And that's where we are. But that's also why they want to change our election laws. They're breaking their backs. They're afraid the house will be taken by the Republicans. Given the economic situation that's right on the horizon. To try and institute with no majority in the Senate. They don't the majority in the Senate. It's the Constitution that gives the vice president of vote. They have no significant majority in their house. They're hanging on by a thread. And by the way, the finished thread in 100 years.

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