Tesla Rumors: Model Y, China, Suppliers Plus Plaid Updates


Everybody rob our here. Welcome back to tesla daily. Hope everybody had a great weekend. We are now back to the normal format and today. We're going to be discussing some news. On tesla out of china we've also got an update on a model y both pricing and demand news on bitcoin from ulan. Musk couple updates on the plan model. S a price target lowering from canaccord genuity and a couple of other pieces of news as well decent. Start of the week. Four tesla stock finishing up one point three percent today to six hundred seventeen dollars. Sixty nine cents. That compared to the nasdaq up. Three quarters of a percent so pretty good mackerel tail wind today for stocks like tesla art will start off in china today. We've got a few pieces of news. Some rumors some clarifications to make i is an update from a chinese tech supplier name to opo they supply in addition to tesla. Major automakers like volkswagen gm via chrysler. Bmw et cetera. And i believe this. Update that i i saw shared out on twitter by rafer tesla was an update from an investor. Call and it looks to me like in a question and answer portion of the call. Tessa was brought up. Or at least. I think that is the inference from context clues and unfortunately this is translated. I don't have a really good insight into the context provided but they are referred to here as company anyway. The translated question reads quote. There are many negative news about company. A in the market recently. How about the company's order situation and quote with translated answer reading quote the company strictly abides by the customer's confidentiality requirements. It is inconvenient to disclose. Please understand what i want to say is in the process of cooperating with customers. We deeply realized that all things done by company or correct including product positioning. Rnd manufacturing supplier management quality marketing etc are all very correct other cars. There is a gap of at least five years between companies at noon. We saw two hundred and forty percent increase in sales of company in europe and may rapid growth. The emergence and growth of new species will have problems of this kind which are also short lived. We can't just look at the appearance. We are very optimistic. And the current orders are normal and

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