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Welcome the keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley. i'm hamda hike. I'm the hi. It's my sister's birthday today but more important than that happy flag day it is the army's two hundred forty six th birthday so it's not like flag day like if you have a flag representing something you could just wave it. It's very specific yes. The army established june fourteenth. Seventeen seventy five a. She doesn't look a day over two hundred. Congratulations beautiful. beautiful style They they knew how to take. Make that camouflage. Now it's digitized very exciting stuff over two centuries and we're glad to have ver that's cool. They've been using it a lot. So but of that. Mattie how do you celebrate flag day you really enjoy the army. You're happy birthday me now. You are in the army did you. Did you have a special dessert for flag day. We didn't know but you felt it. You're like our birthday 'cause they told you you felt that everybody's birthdays. You don't give each other gifts and stuff that gets too much. Well we've paid anything so so in the army there wasn't like a secret santa version of flag day. They used to try it at first. But you can only sharp at army stores so somebody would give somebody a raise. Somebody would give somebody else cue tips. And let's just cancel this fee. It's more about feelings by the way in the army. Are you allowed to get gifts like from your family and stuff to make your life easier or round up after basic training. It's a regular job for the most you know except for the shooting the murder but yeah you can be a person if you're not at war did you get. Did you get from your from your family for what they said they said. I heard the army has a birthday so but anyway congratulations to the army. I ned beatty passed away. Eighty three years old. He was in superman. He was Lex luther is Idiot pal. He was in network. And the way. I know him He was in deliverance. Which is one of these classic movies. I didn't get to see as an adult. Because when i was a kid i couldn't see movies. I was in loud. He's the have to see it as an adult right. 'cause i was right i had to. If i wanted to see it. I knew it. Was you know a famous movie. He's the he's the in the infamous squeal like a pig seen in deliverance. these These four city guys. They go to the outdoors to get away but they don't understand these These hicks and they like to really a give the city folks hard time and by that i mean fuck him in the ass and ed babies like running away trips and these guys start faulk at him in the l. squeal like a pig and i'm like waiting to see the scene because i knew about it my whole life. Know what is this moving the seventies and they were fucking guy in the ass on the big screen these ned beatty non-slavic. I'm sorry to the babies. I don't know the characters name. Obviously i mean the character. It's okay it's not real and warren's doing pretty well. What's that warren beatty. Yes yes in general right. Shows the baby's this what they look a little different. But anyway you wouldn't have the other badie and go squeal like a pig. This ended up working out but that does not try too hard to get away from getting ass raped. And i can't help but see that film and go. I think the character wants it. Is i m sliding on the murder popping his ass in the air. I can't run away fast enough. You would find the energy to try to run away this guy. He had to keep fighting them with like he's pointing. They're asked to them. Like i'm trying to fight you. He was listening trying very hard. Such we're description of a rape scene. Yes it's you're such a weirdo about it. But i did see the film. And i hate to say it. I know what you mean. It's sort of like watching special effects from like twenty years ago. Twenty years ago it moved fast enough for us to agree with the special effects so twenty years ago. He probably moved fast enough. The the scene was so shocking that it didn't have to be so accurate era about the physicality of it. And i and i don't know that he's a physical actor like that anyway so i think i think it aged poorly. Does that make sense. Like we are. Were not shocked by as many things in this as they were so that special effects adds to that makes sense. I just know. I saw a lot of slipping and sliding and burt. Reynolds takes the bone marrow. And he's about to shoot those guys from across the way and he stops for a second goes way. Doesn't it like it that happened. I don't remember. It's been a bit it so i saw recently. But it's still been a bit boy. Please do not write my obituary. When i die okay. Because you're like he's known from this film this oh by the way he was the one that very poorly got raped in this. i mean the acting was deplorable. He she if he got emmy awards for it. They should no. That's not what that looks like. He did it bad. i'm john beatty. I live in. La oh who's your parents. Ned warren said. Oh what do i know that. What's what was he in superman. Okay what else would i not network k. I think there's some nothing else. nothing else. Try real hard to to. I mean it's not real. It doesn't matter not a real person so does it's not true story. That'd be ridiculous Well let me mention this big news. Do you know the new feature on youtube like they have liking and commenting that kind of thing now. There's an applause button to show your support for the youtube. Channels that you're into but not everybody has this bud. Why is that. it's it's sorta like they're they're trying things so they give it out slowly okay so some people have in some people don't so hey let's see how you guys use this. Is this good. It's it's working if you have one. It's exciting if you have the applause button when you check out our videos on youtube. I we're working on updating our channel. We put New videos up all the time that i think you'll love of course the channel's name is keith. And the girl and we thank you for watching. We thank you for sharing and big news. Also here's the find baden on youtube you can see. We put up a What's the greatest game. Show remain sanchez. Silent trailers full episode. You can watch. We have

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