A highlight from 06/14/2021 - Best Of The Herd


Him. Remember kill me babysat once. They're seventeen eighteen years. Assume winning i tired of the situation. But yeah there. I mean if you don't have a team in the playoffs right now. I don't know how you don't just jump on the bandwagon. There's so much. I don't know if i'd been invited but i'm there all right so let's start with this. Got a bunch of kids. Right and a couple of them are getting close to entering. The workforce getting jobs and entering the workforce. And what's very important and uncle. Call uncle colin. Dad stepdad tells them who wear what ask yourself. who are you want to be. Good co trustable coworker. a friend an ally. Who are you establish that. Who are you in the company. Where where will you flourish in a social environment in a cubicle by yourself west coast east coast close to family on your own. Where will you flourish. What what do you see yourself becoming ten years. What would you be proud of. What's a goal. You can pursue. Who wear what basketball players should think about this to. Let's talk chris. Paul miam- vp his. Who has always been incredibly strong defiant. Tough defends leads barks wake forest all of us stops. He's got one of the strongest who's in the nba. Who is important. It's your foundation. Where chris paul well. Where's been flux. You've been on five teams but he flourishes with young players who were talented but want to be lead. He's not as good with veterans. What now that's interesting. We've argued for years about what he is and those of us us me have been arguing. Probably the second best point guard ever but he's not vertical and flashy and fun. Now you are seeing indisputably what he is. He is the most valuable player in this league. Once lebron got out of his prime he affects winning. And losing and that to me is value and the media often loves westbrook. And i d rose and john wall and fast and vertical and fun and flashy. That is not what the point guard position is about. It's about elevating others beyond yourself. That's why magic johnson's the greatest point guard ever. And i'd make a strong argument. Chris paul is second and chris paul sense of who who wear what who is so strong and this is important in life that is the game has changed he is tweaked it but he has not fallen prey to the current analytic whims unlike janas. Who's now firing up. Three pointers chris. Paul shoots amid range mostly from the right side of the key. It is who he is. He's still barks. He's still yells. he's still commands. He still defends although is not as good a defender as he once was. He still tough. His who is so strong that it's overcome a lot of the wearer's he's been all over the league and as the game has changed what he has become his actually more valuable because he knows what he is and phoenix is perfect because for the first time in his career. The who wear what the chocolate they all aligned his who is strong. He's working with a coach. That will listen and young players that will follow and what he's become side by side with the mvp catch. It's not even close. One is controlling the clock. Chris paul is not only averaging twenty five points and five rebounds and ten assists and virtually no turnovers. He's shooting one hundred percent from the line. Seventy five percent from three sixty three percent from field goals. It's insane coach of the denver. Nuggets summed it up accurately. Chris paul you have to give them a lot of credit. They're very well coached team and they have a lot of talent. Chris ball could arguably be the greatest point guard of all time. And you know what you have in devon booker just a professional bucket gathered so they're gonna be itself out so you have to tip your cap to them and what i tell. My kids are step kids on the who the where the what it will not be easy. My who was very weak. When i was young my where has been as you know with my career influx. My what was oh a strong. I knew what i wanted to be. But it wasn't until i had kids. My who was the strongest of the three. They created clarity on. Who i really was my where happy and my what and this is what i do. I talk but chris paul. My journey has not been easy chris. Paul and this is what. I tell kids at an easy. It's hard the stronger. The who is the easier the where and the what become. Here's chris paul. I wouldn't necessarily supposed to be. I played two years of jv basketball. It ain't always been sweet for me. I've always had to grind. I liked metallica. And has always been who i've been and i'm gonna stay away. You like it cool if you don't go to

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